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Thursday November 15th 2018



MAC: Making college a bit more fun

By Miranda Christian–
Morningside College puts on a number of events every year. There have been hypnotists, magicians, mid-night movies, and even music events. Too often students don’t even think about who puts them together. The organization that makes these free events happen is Morningside Activities Council, better known as MAC.

MAC is a group of students who decide what kind of entertainment to bring to Morningside.

Former President Kyle Bubb said, “An organization entirely dedicated to bringing entertainment to the campus? For real? I think a lot them take for granted, or just don’t understand, how important MAC is and how large of a role it plays in campus life.”

Even though there are executive positions in MAC, anyone can go to the meetings and be involved. The structure of the positions is a secretary, public relations coordinator, vice president, and president. Next year’s president is Emily Lechtenburg, who is also the vice president of Student Government.

“I chose to get involved with MAC because as a freshman I went to a lot of MAC events and my friends were also involved,” said Lechtenburg.

Bubb said, “Every year the president will try to make the schedule of events as diverse and equal as possible. Each year, with each new president, MAC changes just a little bit.”

One of student’s favorite events is the mid-night movies. One night of each month students are invited to a free movie at the Carmike Southern Hills Theater.  There are always three movies to choose to see and they are usually newly released.

“There are a lot of students who show up to the movies that don’t usually come to MAC events. It’s always good to see new faces,” said Lechtenburg.

MAC also put on events that got student off campus. One thing they did was give away tickets to the Musketeer hockey games.

“I like the events they do with the community, like the Musketeer games because the tickets are free and we are broke college kids,” said junior Mandy Aschinger.

For incoming freshman it is good to know what MAC does for students. They can get involved or just enjoy the free entertainment MAC provides. New events are always coming to campus and are always a good time.