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Monday October 22nd 2018



Fraternizing with a Fraternity: Acacia

By Jordan Ogren–
A new student at a new school in an unknown community might long for a sense of belonging. One way to feel right at home here at Morningside could be to join one of the three Greek organizations on campus.

Acacia is one of two fraternities at Morningside College; they are always looking for new pledges. It is a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people.

“I joined Acacia because it looks great on the ol’ résumé and because of the intrigue and allure of potential brothers,” Acacia member Ryan Tellinghuisen said when asked why he joined the fraternity.

What else could a student gain from joining Acacia? Students who join Greek organizations are statistically more satisfied with their college experience and earn higher grades than non-Greeks. Fraternity and sorority members are also more likely to stay and finish college.

“Certainly the foundation of academics, that is first and foremost. And then an understanding of what it means to give to your community and serve others,” said Acacia Advisor Gene Ambroson, when asked what major perks a student would gain from joining Acacia.

Acacia’s mission is focused on academic achievement and community service as mentioned earlier. The fraternity also prioritizes the acquisition of leadership skills, character building, and individual development among other things.

Acacia member and secretary Jamison Parkhill takes pride in his decision to join Acacia.

“I’ve gained a sense of pride. I’ve never held a position in any kind of office before so being secretary has given me a sense of pride that I’m doing something,” Parkhill said.

If you have any interest in joining Acacia, just talk to any member and they will be glad to help. So what are you waiting for?