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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



What do midterm grades mean?

By Michelle Kuester–
When you say the word “midterm,” most students groan at the thought of a week of tests that probe the knowledge acquired during the first half of classes. However, once the week passes, there are no more thoughts about midterms. Students don’t always realize grades documenting their progress thus far in the semester can be viewed online.

There is some question as to whether or not these grade reports really matter. After all, they are never seen on a transcript, and they don’t affect grade point average. There are several differing opinions on the importance of midterm grades.

“I think they can be a good wake up call for students who don’t show up to class but still think they are pulling a B,” said Prof. Dolie Thompson, Art.

Thompson went on to say that she normally does not give out A’s at midterm time.

“It can be disincentive to try for the student,” explained Thompson. “They might start to coast based off of that.”

Charles Bass, freshman Studio Art and Philosophy major, had another perspective.

“I think in theory the idea of a formal grade report is good, but I think the time that they fall within the term is not the best. Most of the bigger, more important grades are given out closer to the end of the semester.”

Bass went on to say that students should be inquiring about their grades often, more so than just at midterm time.

Mary Peshek, office of the Registrar, brought up a point that most would not think of.

“Midterms help students see whether or not they really dropped a class. Sometimes students will think they have dropped a class and they stop attending, but in actuality it was not officially dropped. Once they see that F on their midterm grades they know they need to come in and drop that class as soon as possible,” said Peshek.

To check midterm grades, go to Morningside’s portal page and click on Campus Web. Login using your information, and then click on “My Grades”. Select the current semester to view your current midterm grades.