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Thursday November 15th 2018



Facebook drama: Why bother?

By Michelle Kuester–
We’ve all seen them. The catty comments on a picture, the snarky remark on a status. These comments then become the catalyst to set ablaze the flames of Facebook drama. But other providing onlookers with amusement, what does this actually solve?

In my personal experience, Facebook drama is almost always started by girls. A girl will post a rude comment on another girl’s picture, which always ends up badly. Bold friends of each girl will join in, and soon it is just a whole bunch of bashing on Facebook.

I personally find it amusing to read just how nasty girls can be to each other, but in actuality, it is a sad thing. Chances are these things would not be said in person. With the anonymity of social media, people are meaner than they would be normally. It is a lot easier to type an insult to someone than to actually say it.

After all is said and done, what was really accomplished from these exchanges? Does anyone really feel any better? Of course not. The only thing they do is lower the reputation of each person involved.  Sometimes people forget that anyone can read these remarks. It is not just the people involved. There are a lot of people who can read what is being said and form their own opinions. When I read things that people post to other people on Facebook, I remember them if they were particularly rude. My view of the person(s) involved is completely changed.

So next time you are tempted to be a little rude on Facebook just think, What am I really going to accomplish? Just a worsened reputation and a loss of respect from your peers.