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Thursday December 13th 2018



Do the shoes choose you?

By Michelle Kuester–
Take a look around. More specifically, take a look at the feet of those surrounding you. At the risk of looking like you have a foot fetish, what kind of shoes are the people around you wearing? There are many different kinds of shoes that can show a lot about a person’s personality.

The most common type of shoe is the basic tennis shoe. Almost everyone has at least one pair, but the small details about these shoes are where the personality is. If the shoes are plain white or black and appear to be worn, chances are that the person is low-maintenance and not very trendy. If the shoes are a name-brand and worn, it means that the person is probably athletic or physical, and they want to take care of their feet. However, if the shoes are name-brand, flashy, and new, chances are the person is just into being trendy and looking cool but not into being practical.

A lot of times men will wear skater shoes. Just because someone is wearing skater shoes does not mean that they know how to skateboard. In these situations, it is necessary to assess their clothing as well. If the person is wearing anything with the logo Tap Out, they are just wearing the shoes to look cool. If the person is wearing grungy clothes, chances are they can throw down at least a couple ollies.

When a girl wears flats (shoes without laces or heels), it generally means that she cares about how she looks, but she also enjoys being comfortable. High heels are the ultimate in attractive footwear. However, when a girl frequently wears them, it is likely that she is high maintenance and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Comfort is not her highest priority.

It is not uncommon to see girls walking around campus wearing boots with her jeans tucked in. This style is trendy and comfortable. This girl is probably down-to-earth and friendly because she cares about how she looks, but she does not overly stress about it. Boots, especially of the Ugg variety, are comfortable and fashionable which is a win-win for almost every girl out there.

A final example of common footwear is the sneaker. A common brand of sneaker is Converse. Everyone has seen someone wearing Converses, and it is likely that almost everyone owns at least a pair of Converse sneakers or sneakers in general. These people are usually hip and into edgy things. You can catch them listening to alternative bands and often have an art major.

Nowadays, it is hard to assume these things for sure as in recent years the shoes have become much more mainstream. Also, there are a wide variety of colors and styles associated with this type of shoe. Generally bright colors mean that the person has a fun personality and the simple black Converse is someone who does not think too much about how they look.

Shoes can say a lot about a person. These guidelines are not set in stone as people can switch up their styles all the time. It takes more than just a shoe to show a person’s personality, but more often than not, the type of shoe a person is wearing can be a great clue as to who they really are.