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Friday November 16th 2018



Following a radio dream

By Michelle Kuester–
Becoming a radio DJ is a dream that a lot of kids have. It is exciting to be able to get their ideas out there and to hear themselves on the radio. I too had this dream as a child. I would call into the local radio station with requests with the hopes that they would play my voice later on. This did not happen very often, but when it did, it was always very thrilling.

When I came to Morningside, I was excited to find out that they had their own radio station. I was interested in getting involved, but with a very hectic and full schedule, I did not have the time. When second semester rolled around, I knew that it was time to make my radio debut.

After attending an informational meeting, I was contacted by Nick Buth about learning the ropes. I sat in a couple times with DJ Ryan Tellinghuisen and learned the ins and outs of the control board.

Finally, it came time to do my own show. I still had Ryan there, in case something would go wrong, but this time I was the one running the board. It was Valentine’s Day, and I played love songs and chatted about Valentine’s Day traditions. Overall, the show was a success.

I would recommend to anyone that they give radio a chance. It is not too hard to learn, and it is fun when people tell you they are listening to your show. You can play the music you like and talk about the things you want to talk about. They are very open with letting you go on the radio as much or as little as you would like.

It’s safe to say that I have now heard my voice on the radio several times, and the small child in me jumps up and down once I turn that microphone on. I went from calling in to stations to make requests to actually choosing all the music that I play. While it is sometimes nerve-wracking, it is also a very fulfilling experience

To try out radio for yourself, contact station manager Nick Buth or the radio advisor Dr. Mark Heistad. You won’t regret it.