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Sep 27 2017

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News Comment #6

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-Fox News

This story is newsworthy because Tim Allen, a well-known actor, is expressing his opinion on why his show “Last Man Standing” that aired on ABC is not on television anymore.

The lede is good because it reminds the readers that the show is not on-air and why Allen is still talking about this issue.

The audience for this story is fans who are still surprised that the show disappeared unexpectedly, fans of Allen, and conservatives who want shows like “Last Man Standing” to be on television.

The point of view in this story is first and third persons.

The third person point of view is the writer writing to the readers. The first person point of view is Allen’s quote about his opinion on this issue.

The article is short but also straight to the point for readers to quickly read and understand the subject in the story.

The article gives credit to the Hollywood Reporter for using their words about CMT and “Last Man Standing.”

The missing items in this story is an official quote from ABC about why the show is off-air and an official quote from CMT about what made them not want to revive the show.

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Sep 19 2017

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News Comment #5

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-Fox News

This story is newsworthy because it is about President Trump and his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. His speech is supposed to talk about many international issues including North Korea’s nuclear program and the 2015 Iran Deal.

This article was written in the style of what is possibly going to happen in the future. This article means that the article is supposed to help the readers learn what’s going on before President Trump presents his speech.

The audience is people who are interested in the United Nations and anything that President Trump does in the public eye. The audience is also interested in the relationship between the United States and other international countries like North Korea and Israel.

The lead is not useful because it is general and does not give specific details about the summary of the story. It does not provide the why, what and how of the overview of the story.

The point of view of the story is the third person. This view is to show the readers information that is relevant and important to understand the story. The Associated Press helped contribute to this story.

There are some missing parts to this story. These part are what kind of mood Trump’s speech would be to the UN General Assembly, not giving any clues about the Iran Deal removal process, and giving an idea of what to do next with North Korea’s nuclear program.


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Sep 14 2017

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News Comment #4

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-Fox News

This particular story is newsworthy because of Jemele Hill, an ESPN reporter, who put out a tweet calling President Donald Trump, a “white supremacist.”

This story is also newsworthy because of how ESPN is handling Hill and the response from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying that the comment is a “fireable offense.”

The story details about the recent history of ESPN reporters in the news involving politics in the “right-leaning” side and Hill’s last controversy.

This story is interesting because ESPN has not been handling the journalists’ discussions of their political views equally. Right-wing reporters for ESPN fired while liberal journalists are giving a slap on the wrist.

This difference in punishment started when ESPN became more left-leaning and brought this to their TV shows.

The audience for this story is sports fans and people who are into politics in a society like TV shows and sports channels.

The lede is not that great because it doesn’t give a summary of the controversy. The point of view for this story is from the third person.

The story is missing the response from Jemele Hill about her tweets about President Trump.

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Sep 07 2017

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News Comment #3

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-Fox News

This specific story is newsworthy because it is current and helps the rest of the United States understand how bad Hurricane Irma is destroying Caribbean Islands. Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Florida, and more islands are in the path of Irma.

FEMA is still handling the massive recovery process in Texas and Louisana from Hurricane Harvey. They are also getting ready to help Florida and Caribbean Islands from the impact of Hurricane Irma.

The lede has a great, excellent usefulness because it summarizes the entire article. The lede has forty-two words breaking the rule of thirty-five to forty words.

The article was very long because Fox News had help from the Associated Press. To have the Associated Press credited with helping with the article gives respect to where the information originated.

To have accurate information about severe weather like Irma will help readers understand how much impact Irma is doing and what the damage might be doing to the islands and the U.S.

The audience is anyone who is concern about what’s going on with Hurricane Irma. The point of view this article has is the third person. Third person perspective helps inform the readers about details on Irma and the effects that have caused a lot of damage on some of the Caribbean Islands.

The one thing that is missing in this article is how to help people from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Put a link to American Red Cross and charities that are helping victims recover and get back on their feet.


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Aug 31 2017

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News Comment #2

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-Fox News

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defends Melania Trump for wearing high heels on her way to Texas with her husband, President Trump, to see the damages of Hurricane Harvey. The left is very picky about everything that the Trump Administration and his family are doing every minute of the day.

Everyone has a right to pick their pair of shoes to wear. Melania did bring a pair of sneakers of walk around Texas. It has become predictable to see how the media is criticising clothes, shoes, hats, etc. of any member of the Trump family.

Social media has revealed feminist hypocrisy on women who are not on the left side of politics. Female leftists get away with more because they’re on the democratic side. Comedians and media outlets that are leftists took shots at Melania’s choice of shoes.

Media outlets have said that this administration has a problem with understanding optics. The left made an issue about her shoes bigger than it should have been. The leftists think that they have the absolute right to nick and pick anyone that doesn’t agree with their political views.

The first lady’s communications director said that people are more worried about Melania’s shoes then what’s happening in Texas. The leftists’ latest social media mockery of the first lady has many people think that the image of the Trump family is more important than what’s going on in the country and how to fix the country’s problems.

Conway wants the left to show some respect for the first lady. Melania is not only beautiful and fashionable but smart and can speak in multiple languages. Melania is a woman that the left love to make fun of and try to hurt her because she is the first lady and more importantly, Donald Trump’s third wife.

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Aug 26 2017

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News Comment #1

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ACLU backs down in the face of Twitter’s wrath for pic of white baby holding US flag

Fox News

This story is about how people freaked out over a blonde, white kid holding a little American flag and wearing a free speech onesie from the ACLU twitter account. The statement they made was “This is the future that ACLU members want.” ACLU posted on their Instagram page side-by-side pictures of two brunette babies with one dressed in a free speech onesie and the other wearing a Women’s March onesie. This Twitter post got a lot of attention because it was a white baby and Twitter trolls were saying that ACLU is promoting Nazis and not understanding what is going on in American society with race. The brunette babies did not receive the same criticism as the blonde child.

This story shows how racism is taking over every day on social media. The ACLU Twitter post shows a baby wearing a free speech onesie and holding an American flag. The tweet is not promoting racism whatsoever but is promoting patriotism for America. I don’t see racism when I see that particular picture, but I see American Civil Liberties Union trying to bring together people of all colors. People should have seen their Instagram post before post tweets about one single picture. Leftists need to understand that when a blonde, white, innocent baby is showing patriotism, do not attack a child that cannot defend himself or herself.

The ACLU did not even defend itself when posting the tweet but gave in to the leftists who thought that the tweet was an example of white supremacy. The ACLU is afraid to stand up for themselves in the heat of Leftist trolls who put them in a very desperate situation. The ACLU has recently been in the heat with lefts by supporting the First Amendment rights of Milo Yiannopoulous and alt-right rights. They have also stated that they will not protect the rights of groups who bring weapons, like guns, to demonstrations.

The ACLU is doing a good job by protecting the innocent who do not bring weapons to protests. They should protect the rights of democrats and republicans. They should not pick and choose who to support when it comes to civil rights. The tweet from the ACLU about the blonde baby shows that people only want left groups to be able to have freedom of speech when it comes to First Amendment speech and not anyone who are in conservative groups.

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