Sep 07 2017

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News Comment #3

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-Fox News

This specific story is newsworthy because it is current and helps the rest of the United States understand how bad Hurricane Irma is destroying Caribbean Islands. Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Florida, and more islands are in the path of Irma.

FEMA is still handling the massive recovery process in Texas and Louisana from Hurricane Harvey. They are also getting ready to help Florida and Caribbean Islands from the impact of Hurricane Irma.

The lede has a great, excellent usefulness because it summarizes the entire article. The lede has forty-two words breaking the rule of thirty-five to forty words.

The article was very long because Fox News had help from the Associated Press. To have the Associated Press credited with helping with the article gives respect to where the information originated.

To have accurate information about severe weather like Irma will help readers understand how much impact Irma is doing and what the damage might be doing to the islands and the U.S.

The audience is anyone who is concern about what’s going on with Hurricane Irma. The point of view this article has is the third person. Third person perspective helps inform the readers about details on Irma and the effects that have caused a lot of damage on some of the Caribbean Islands.

The one thing that is missing in this article is how to help people from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Put a link to American Red Cross and charities that are helping victims recover and get back on their feet.


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  1. fuglsangon 12 Sep 2017 at 8:32 AM 1

    It could maybe be tightened by cutting what is between the dashes. That info could wait until the second graf, but I can see why it is used as it is. I would have just said roared rather than continued roaring, but meh.

    Good discussion