Nov 26 2018

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My plan for my profile article is to interview/talk with either Dr. Valerie Hennings or Dr. Barbara Prince. They are two of my teachers this semester.

Dr. Valerie Hennings is the head of the political science department at Morningside College. She also runs the Col. Bud Day’s Center for Civic Engagement in the library.

For Dr. Hennings’ profile, I want to show how she is helping students engage in politics by knowing what’s going on in Sioux City, in Iowa, the Midwest, and the national levels of elections, behind the scenes of campaigns, and helping students understand the importance of voting.

For Dr. Prince’s profile, I want to talk about how she is a new professor on campus, what the transition was like to adjust to Morningside College, her backstory before Morningside, and what made want to come and teach sociology in Iowa.

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  1. fuglsangon 30 Nov 2018 at 8:30 AM 1

    Both of those would be interesting stories, Mari. Be aware, though, that we at the busiest time of the semester. I know Val has a lot going on and may not have a lot of time for interviews. I don’t know Prince, but as a new faculty she may be overwhelmed at this point.

    Schedule accordingly.