Aug 31 2017

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News Comment #2

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-Fox News

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defends Melania Trump for wearing high heels on her way to Texas with her husband, President Trump, to see the damages of Hurricane Harvey. The left is very picky about everything that the Trump Administration and his family are doing every minute of the day.

Everyone has a right to pick their pair of shoes to wear. Melania did bring a pair of sneakers of walk around Texas. It has become predictable to see how the media is criticising clothes, shoes, hats, etc. of any member of the Trump family.

Social media has revealed feminist hypocrisy on women who are not on the left side of politics. Female leftists get away with more because they’re on the democratic side. Comedians and media outlets that are leftists took shots at Melania’s choice of shoes.

Media outlets have said that this administration has a problem with understanding optics. The left made an issue about her shoes bigger than it should have been. The leftists think that they have the absolute right to nick and pick anyone that doesn’t agree with their political views.

The first lady’s communications director said that people are more worried about Melania’s shoes then what’s happening in Texas. The leftists’ latest social media mockery of the first lady has many people think that the image of the Trump family is more important than what’s going on in the country and how to fix the country’s problems.

Conway wants the left to show some respect for the first lady. Melania is not only beautiful and fashionable but smart and can speak in multiple languages. Melania is a woman that the left love to make fun of and try to hurt her because she is the first lady and more importantly, Donald Trump’s third wife.

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  1. fuglsangon 04 Sep 2017 at 1:34 PM 1

    Optics is a fairly new term for an old concept. You have more summary here than you need, Reilly. Just the basics, then discuss how the story relates to what we discuss in class.

    Salon had an interesting “leftist” take on the whole issue:

    You could discuss the objectivity of both sides, as well as news values (I don’t know why this is news, so I need help), and audience.