Aug 26 2017

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ACLU backs down in the face of Twitter’s wrath for pic of white baby holding US flag

Fox News

This story is about how people freaked out over a blonde, white kid holding a little American flag and wearing a free speech onesie from the ACLU twitter account. The statement they made was “This is the future that ACLU members want.” ACLU posted on their Instagram page side-by-side pictures of two brunette babies with one dressed in a free speech onesie and the other wearing a Women’s March onesie. This Twitter post got a lot of attention because it was a white baby and Twitter trolls were saying that ACLU is promoting Nazis and not understanding what is going on in American society with race. The brunette babies did not receive the same criticism as the blonde child.

This story shows how racism is taking over every day on social media. The ACLU Twitter post shows a baby wearing a free speech onesie and holding an American flag. The tweet is not promoting racism whatsoever but is promoting patriotism for America. I don’t see racism when I see that particular picture, but I see American Civil Liberties Union trying to bring together people of all colors. People should have seen their Instagram post before post tweets about one single picture. Leftists need to understand that when a blonde, white, innocent baby is showing patriotism, do not attack a child that cannot defend himself or herself.

The ACLU did not even defend itself when posting the tweet but gave in to the leftists who thought that the tweet was an example of white supremacy. The ACLU is afraid to stand up for themselves in the heat of Leftist trolls who put them in a very desperate situation. The ACLU has recently been in the heat with lefts by supporting the First Amendment rights of Milo Yiannopoulous and alt-right rights. They have also stated that they will not protect the rights of groups who bring weapons, like guns, to demonstrations.

The ACLU is doing a good job by protecting the innocent who do not bring weapons to protests. They should protect the rights of democrats and republicans. They should not pick and choose who to support when it comes to civil rights. The tweet from the ACLU about the blonde baby shows that people only want left groups to be able to have freedom of speech when it comes to First Amendment speech and not anyone who are in conservative groups.

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  1. fuglsangon 29 Aug 2017 at 8:25 AM 1

    I did see the Fox story when it was published, and my first thought was that the ACLU post was a really dumb move. Not because it was racist, but becauseit opened the door to obvious trolling.

    The comment here is well done, Reilly, but try to go beyond summary to discussion of how it relates to the media, especially the news media. This story is a pretty good reflection of how any innocuous post can be mis-read and mis-interpreted in an age of social media meltdown.