EMMA Character Profile

I choose Frank Churchill to create a profile for. So far in the book Frank Churchill has done some crazy things to get peoples attention. He also has a great support group behind him to because he is a well-known person that everyone talks about. For example when he wasn’t supposed to be there for another week or so he was talked about all the time because he was coming and everyone was happy about it.

Then when he did come everyone still talked about him. He is a popular person and with that said he has some morals of being that great guy who everyone can look up to. He is also polite and I thin he strives for that then he also puts his family first. For example he shows all of these in little things that people don’t really realize because they think it is someone else. He is a shy fellow when it comes to showing his true feelings.

All these values to him come in handy through out the book. When the piano comes I think he gave it to her because he was being nice. But nobody notices because it is something so extravagant that everyone is worrying about who gave it to her but no one is looking right under there noises. His values are very different then everyone else values in the book because they do what is best for them and he does what is best for everyone else. Like when he moved his Aunt to Richmond because she wanted to move there. He didn’t fight he did it out of love for her. With this view and his values people are finding it strange but also nice because he is caring for others beside himself.