Cancer and Faith

This speech was different then what I though it would be. I though it would be all about how she got diagnosed and then the process of how she got better through faith. Instead she talked about how she got diagnosed and then just how faith was a factor in her life. How she got diagnosed was very sad, because she broke her back twice because of the cancer. Then she goes on to explain that with the cancer diagnosis she had a lady from the local church came and gave her a prayer shawl and it got her thinking that if that church would do it I wonder if others would to. So she made a carrying bridge site and the response she got on there was remarkable. She said that so many people gave her shawls and then people would send her things she didn’t ask for but still got. She also said that she could put information on her site so people all around the country and world could hear her story. The faith in this is that people would send prayers to her to help her get better but that was about it. That was all about the faith she had in the speech besides the occasional psalm that she through in there.

This speech just wasn’t what I thought it would be considering that she made a lot of indications on how people could help her but that is all. It seemed to me that she just wanted people to help her and that’s it she wanted the attention but didn’t want to give anything back. It was good but very different then what I thought.