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Charity’s Emotions through Summer

Charity’s relationship to nature is that it shows some kind of innocence to her. It is a beauty that no one else can see but her. On page 55 Edith Wharton say that “The little June wind, frisking down the street, shook the doleful fringes of the Hatchard spruces…across the road into the duck-pond.” This shows the beauty that they are seeing but Charity picks up on it more then anyone. This is evident when she is looking out her window and sees the bird and the flowers but thinks of the calmness of it all.

The seasons of the summer follow Charity’s emotions I think to a point. When she is sad the weather is gloomy and then when everything is going right it is sunny and lovely. Like in the beginning of the book she is happy and content with her life and the weather is perfect not to cold but not to hot for her. Then as the story goes on and Mr. Harney comes to town the weather takes a shift. She starts to fall for him and the weather changes to be hotter. The one time when she was with Mr. Harney going to the house outside of town it started to rain. The rain symbolizes the aspect of something going wrong or a part of her past coming back to her. Take the mountain scene when he mom dies it starts to rain there because she is finding something she doesn’t like and it has to do with her past. Also when she was marrying Mr. Royall the earth seemed to her as it was slipping away and the weather they said was cold and that shows that when she is confused or is numb to the world the weather goes cold.

It always seems like whatever her mood is that is what the weather decides to be.

Cancer and Faith

This speech was different then what I though it would be. I though it would be all about how she got diagnosed and then the process of how she got better through faith. Instead she talked about how she got diagnosed and then just how faith was a factor in her life. How she got diagnosed was very sad, because she broke her back twice because of the cancer. Then she goes on to explain that with the cancer diagnosis she had a lady from the local church came and gave her a prayer shawl and it got her thinking that if that church would do it I wonder if others would to. So she made a carrying bridge site and the response she got on there was remarkable. She said that so many people gave her shawls and then people would send her things she didn’t ask for but still got. She also said that she could put information on her site so people all around the country and world could hear her story. The faith in this is that people would send prayers to her to help her get better but that was about it. That was all about the faith she had in the speech besides the occasional psalm that she through in there.

This speech just wasn’t what I thought it would be considering that she made a lot of indications on how people could help her but that is all. It seemed to me that she just wanted people to help her and that’s it she wanted the attention but didn’t want to give anything back. It was good but very different then what I thought.