The Hunger Games Perspectives

In the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has a lot of detail that is gruesome. When she explains the killing parts she goes into detail that is kind of disturbing. She adds so much detail that you could imagine it happening right in front of you. Here is an example from page 334:

The game makers made the finale so disgusting. They made mutant dogs that looked like the tributes that had already died in the games. The dogs had the same hair color and the same eyes as the tributes and were demanded to attack the remaining tributes. This is disturbing because the capitol has every power in the world to do what they want and I wouldn’t hold it pass them to use the tributes eyes for the dogs. Peeta asked that very same question and I have to agree with him because the capitol is trying to get a point across to the tributes that are left.

When she was explaining what the dogs were doing to the tributes it was very gruesome because of all the detail. She was explaining when Petta got bite by the dog and his leg is gushing blood all over but then the worst was when Cato got hit with the arrow and fell off the cornucopia right into the dogs. She mentioned every little moan he made and the sound of the dog’s teeth against his armor he was wearing. Then the dog’s dragged him to the cornucopia and still couldn’t kill him. But don’t worry she made sure you knew what was going on and how the dogs would bite his head and armor but he couldn’t do anything. She finally ends the gruesome moment when Katniss hits him in the head with one of her arrows.