The Lottery

In this reading there was a community of 300 hundred people who had a lottery about every year but this lottery isn’t the typical lottery. When he opened the story he had kids gather rocks and put them in a pile. I figured it was just like a ceremony to celebrate who go the lottery and then the kids where making it even for them to stand. Then when they gathered and had to stand with there families it only made it look more like they are celebrating as a family.

With this the Kant’s categorical imperative was tested with these people. The Kant’s categorical imperative is where you do a bad action but then you make a rule that everyone else would follow. So like this people know that hurting others is bad but they do it anyway because they got told that it’s okay. They have also been doing it for so long that they really don’t know anything else. With these people who have taken a slip of paper and then realized that what they are doing is wrong but don’t do anything about it. Like when they found out that the other communities aren’t doing the lottery anymore and they get mad because they aren’t doing it and they are supposed to.

My question is what the hell do they think when they are throwing rocks at people that they know haven’t done anything and yet they have to stand there and take it. To me it sounds like it is a whole bunch of brain washing and they do what they are told and that’s it.