What the Students Want

By Tori Figge

One organization on campus that holds power and can affect the outcome of student groups is student government.

Organization and management of student life by various student groups is critical to student involvement. This involvement is coordinated through student government. Student governments nationwide have formed to create a voice for students. They are the academic, cultural, and social affairs of the college.

Conversations took place about what students think student government is and how they can better campus.

“Student government makes Morningside College more functional. We are the voice of the students and as students we can relate with them (students) on various aspects of student life,” said senior senate representative, Kari Miller.

This senator claimed student government is the bridge between students and faculty/staff. As students themselves, student government members can take the information and bring it to whomever it is required to make the change on campus. Student government members must be the change they want to see.  These members are elected by the students, for the students.

“Student government doesn’t do enough, but they do what they can with what they have,” one student said. Expanding on this the student feels like student government doesn’t have the power to carry out some ideas they need to, referring to the budget. “Look at other institutions around us, they have way more money to put on events.”

A branch of student government coincides with Morningside Activities Council. MAC and student government correspond together, as the vice president of student government is the president of MAC. MAC has their own budget to display events on and off campus for students.

The holder of these positions is junior, Diane Nguyen. Nguyen states, “The role as vice president of student government and MAC president goes very well together because I serve as the bridge between two key groups on campus. We are sister organizations so we aren’t blindsided by what each group does.”

Events provided by MAC incorporate various involvement opportunities for students. Student government also provides involvement opportunities. Students wishing to become a group must do so through student government.

Being a registered student group on campus allows students to involve more students of all fields. You see groups pertaining to academic studies, international affairs, political affairs, and groups that just want to create a fun environment for all.

Once registered as an official group, these students can ask for allocation funding for their events they wish to attend or hold. This is done through presentation to the student government senate.

One veteran senator stated, “This year we are more stingy on giving out money. More questions are asked to the person who is presenting and we really debate on how they can bring their information obtained back to Morningside College. Everything we do needs to be for the betterment of the college.”

Bettering the college is a goal every student organization on campus should keep in mind. Students have different interests and with more groups on campus, this creates more involvement.