Seventy-Seven Grams of Empty Calories

The crinkling sound of a package of Twinkies opening can bring someone¬†back to their childhood days. This yellow, spongy 77g Hostess sweet treat is one I am not fond of. As a kid, I tried twinkies for the first time at lunch in elementary school. My mom packed it in my lunchbox, which seemed like a great deal to get dessert! After the first bite, that great deal wasn’t so great anymore.

I am a healthy eater, so processed foods¬†aren’t very appealing to me. Seeing these in class, my first reaction was, “Professor Fuglsang do I have to eat this?”

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  1. fuglsang

    Keep the focus on description, Tori. I like the 77 g detail. Give me more on why it’s unhealthy. More sensory detail. You might also add detail as to how eatcing healthy was difficult as a youngster. All that temptation!

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