New Product on the Streets

There will be a new product on the streets and airwaves by the end of the summer a source proclaims.

John Dodge, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter paired with Don Cooper, together make up “Don Juan.” “There will be a product on the streets – on the airwaves, by the end of the summer,” states Dodge.

Dodge and Cooper’s musical talents began three years ago and recently, Don Juan did a show with Jackson Browne and James Taylor at the New York club, Trax. “James has been a fan for awhile and Jackson Browne turned into a real solid supporter,” Dodge said.

However, recording music didn’t come easy for Dodge and Cooper. It took them three years to find their passion and believe in themselves and their music abilities.  “I held onto this myth for a long time – that I could actually approach something involving my life with a just-in-case attitude – that I would settle for something less than maybe happy,” said Don Cooper.

Cooper became an English teacher as a backup plan, “I love to write songs and play guitar, I just don’t think I can make a living doing it.” Success appears to be in the horizon as their recording is beginning in the Spring.



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  1. fuglsang

    The headline reminds me of a drug story: Police following up on “new product” hitting the streets. The second graf would work as a lead; substitute music/album for product. OK selection of info. The goal is a focused story.

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