Volkswagen C.E.O. Resigns Amid Scandal

Frankfurt–Martin Winterkorn resigned as chief executive of Volkswagen on Wednesday, taking responsibility for an emissions cheating scandal that has gravely damaged the carmaker’s reputation.

C.E.O Martin Winterkorn stated he accepts responsibility for the irregularities that have been found in diesel engines. Winterkorn had ran the Volkswagen company since 2007 and doesn’t see any wrongdoing in his actions.

Less than a week ago, Volkswagen admitted that some diesel cars in the United States were equipped with software built to fool emissions tests. On Tuesday, the company said 11 million cars worldwide contained the software, this doesn’t clarify whether the software was used in other countries.

Overall,  I thought it was a very effective lead that gave the main points in the first short paragraph. This is a noteworthy newstory because it has affected millions of people worldwide. Impact, conflict, and prominence are prevalent in this story.  Prominence because this is the CEO of the company–a worldwide renown company.  The audience for a story like this would be targeted toward Volkswagen owners, car owners, and society in general.

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  1. fuglsang

    Good, direct hard news lead. Hits the news on the head. He’s not out of the woods yet; the German government is looking into his actions. This hits those people who bought VWs thinking they were cleaner and environmentally friendly especially hard.

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