Mall Explosion

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An explosion in the Mall occurred Thursday, December, 7 at 9:54 am.  In the chaos of the explosion, police have yet to identify the source of the explosion, or weather or not foul play is suspected.

Police say the explosion occurred around the food court, closest to Dairy Queen.  No groups or individuals have claimed responsibility for the explosion.  Injuries are less than 100 and none of them life threatening, though there are two identified fatalities.  The identities of the deceased will not be released, though one has been identified as a Male from Sargent Bluff, and the other a Sioux City Female.

“The food court was too quiet in the morning,” a Mall Security guard stated,”There were no employees working, except for those who gave me my donut.”

An Starbucks employee working in the food court came forward,”I heard the explosion and saw a suspicious man run from the court, and out onto a motor cycle.  He looked like Sgt. Fuglsang.”

An off duty officer was identified on the scene as a former FBI Bomb Squad specialist.  He claimed to be in the area of the explosion, and ran toward it when it went off.  “I had to duck into a hallway to avoid the oncoming rush of people, I was then asked to leave the building and interviewed by police,” the Officer said.

The Mega City Mall released this statement following this mornings activities:

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and to their families.  MCM will be closed while we assist last enforcements investigation of this tragic event”

Sgt Fuglsang has announced there will be another press conference at 3:00 to expand on what they have found during the day.

Feature Article

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Parents, players, and coaches cover the turf of Elwood – Olsen Stadium on an unusually beautiful November day in Sioux City.  The average sized crowd of a couple thousand people exit through the gates on different areas of the grounds. Some people head back to their tailgates on the north-east side of the stadium.  The Morningside College Mustangs football team had just won their quarterfinal playoff game, and would get ready to hit the road for the semi – finals of the NAIA Football Championship series.  The game that had just concluded would be the last event the Stadium would host in the fall, it’s busiest season.  Football, the stadium and college’s most popular sport, wouldn’t play another game in the historical stadium until August, as the rest of the post season would be on the road.  But this certainly won’t be the last game or event Elwood – Olsen Stadium will host, the structure has been there for decades, and will likely be there for many more.

Nestled in the hills of the Morningside neighborhood in Sioux City Iowa, the stadium is far from easy to find.  It can not be seen from any highway, or any of the main drags of the city.  The only way to find the stadium is to catch the Morningside College signs on  Highway 75, Gordon Drive, Lewis Boulevard, Highway 20 or Interstate 29.  Even then, once in to the Morningside neighborhood, the college is not easy to find.

OlsenStadium-Cropped_0001Photo credits

Elwood – Olsen Stadium has residential streets on three sides of it, and houses up the hill on the north side.  The busiest street would be Peters avenue, the street that goes right through the college, only to get cut of by Morningside avenue and Linn Street to the east and the west.  So for the most part, Sioux City’s most famous football field is hidden from the world.

Although hidden, the Stadium is an very important part of the lives of residents of Sioux City and Morningside College.  The three public high schools in Sioux City; East High, North High, and West High, all use the stadium for their Football games, band contests, and Track meets.  Thursday and Friday nights in the fall always have high school football at the stadium, as well as a number of College Football Saturdays. Both Soccer teams primary season is played in the fall, and both teams practice daily on the field.  When the spring rolls around, there are not many tracks that are used more than the track in Elwood Olsen Stadium.  Track practice everyday for the College.  Track meets almost every other week for high schools.  And not to mention the two day extravaganza that is the Sioux City Relays.

SCRelaysOlsen Stadium During the Sioux City Relays

Photo Credits

Public School Stadium was opened in 1940 as a stadium that could be used by the local High Schools.  The business manager for the Sioux City Community School District, H.C. Roberts, conceived the idea, and oversaw the 6 year project.  The Stadium would be named H.C. Roberts Stadium after his death in 1964.

Sioux-City-Iowa-IA-Public-School-Football-StadiumPostcard of Public School Stadium in it’s early days

Photo Credits

When the school district struggled to keep the stadium updated and well kept, they would agree to a 99 year lease with Morningside College, so the school could fix up the stadium.  Before playing in the stadium, Morningside used Bass field in the middle of campus for it’s athletics.  Bass Field has since been turned into a softball field and outdoor recreational ground.

2ba5dc970411da90b250f83f09935039-460x293Postcard of Morningside College’s Bass Field

Photo Credits

“It was a big burden on the school district financially,” said Dave Nash, head now head coach of the Morningside Track team, formally coach of West High School Cross Country, and former Morningside Student Athlete.  “The stadium was hard to look at, with all the weeds growing through the cracks and paint chipping off everywhere.”

df53cd3f-65ec-52fd-9b58-d70f1da33b1b.preview-300Roberts Stadium in 2004, pre-renovation

Photo Credits: Sioux City Journal

Morning side College would quickly change that, as they refurbished the stadium to be pleasant to the sports fan’s eye.  Since then, the stadium has gone through three renovations to keep the historical structure standing.  The next renovation, in 2004, would update the stadium with new lights and a public address system.  The Bleachers would also get a major face lift in this renovation as well.

Only the next year, in 2005, the stadium would receive an even larger renovation, giving it a new track and field turf.  The parking lot would be expanded upon, and locker rooms would be renovated.  The stadium walls would be painted as well, changing the colors from orange to Maroon.  A digital scoreboard would be added, setting Roberts Stadium apart from many high school and small college stadiums in the area.

23483456191_0a78954a51_bView of the south side seating of the stadium

Photo Credits

Controversy surrounded Sioux City and Morningside College, when the school decided to change the name of Roberts stadium, to Elwood Olsen Stadium, after the major donor in the 2004 and 2005 renovations.

“Many people didn’t want the name to change,” Nash explained, “There are still many today that refuse to call it Olsen Stadium.”

Olsen Stadium continues to receive updates even today.  This past year, 2017, a brand new scoreboard was added with a video board.  This adds to a terrific game atmosphere, featuring both a starting lineup and entrance video.

The track has received many changes to go along with the rest of the structure.  Naturally it was a cinder track originally, just like any other track at that time.  The surface has since became a harder all weather version.


Photo Credits

“The track has always been harder than most, which may not be great for the shins, but makes it a faster track than the others,” said Nash, someone who has certainly ran on them all in a sense.

Probably the thing that makes Elwood Olsen Stadium as great as it is, is the fans.  The Stadium seats 10,000 people, which makes it the highest capacity in the Great Plains Athletic Conference, and tied for the fourth largest NAIA stadium.  The best part of having a stadium this large, is that the fans show up to fill it, and they are loud.  The stadium reaches noise levels on third down that away teams aren’t always used to.  Not only do the fans yell, but the cowbell always is a necessary tool for every Morningside Football fan.  Cocktail horns are not a rare site either.

Tailgating is a big part of a game day atmosphere for football games.  You can walk outside in the Morningside neighborhood on a Saturday morning, and smell the tailgate grills 5 hours before game time.  The famous, and sometimes infamous cheapskate hill across peters avenue from the stadium can have as many as 30 cars parked with countless rabid fans partying away.


Photo Credits

Elwood Olsen Stadium will likely remain a large part of Morningside Students and Sioux City residents for years to come.  So when you’re walking around the east side of Sioux City, and you hear a dull roar, or smell the grilled foods float through the air, you know where it’s coming from.





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Graham High School

210 Valley Dale St.

Bluefield Virginia


From: Morningside College PR office, Steven Cutler, 515-215-0392

Sondra Thoreson, a graduate of Graham High School in 2013 presented a research paper to the Wisconsin animal Science Convention with Dr. Chris P. Bacon on how monkeys brains access information while playing video games.

Thoreson and Bacon received special permission from Wisconsin Zoo’s to access their monkey habitats and attach electrodes to their heads while they played video games.

Thereon said the paper was well received, but people were more interested in the fact that they trained monkeys to play video games.

Anecdotes on Nathan Hoogland

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Nathan Hoogland considers himself a very blunt individual.  His favorite phrase to use, when needed, is, “You’re stupid.” No, not “You’re Stupid!” Just a nice, straight faced, “You’re Stupid.”

“I just do [explicitive] like that all the time,” Nathan said in an interview, “I’m not afraid to tell someone when they’re being stupid.”

Nathan gave a few examples of when his bluntness was used in places where it was maybe frowned upon to be blunt, such as dealing with a situation his sister found herself in.

“I made a joke, she was in a bad mood, and she didn’t like it,” Nathan said with a smirk, “It was probably one of my best comebacks If I would say so.”

But Nathan doesn’t take it as being mean.  Telling it how it is is just what he thinks is right.

“It’s part of being a good person, being able to tell it how it is,” proclaimed the Morningside College Junior, “there are too many people out there who will be too nice.”

When asked what he would say to those who find his bluntness distasteful, Nathan countered, “Maybe some don’t like it, but why would friends call me when they have a problem? It’s because I will be honest.”

Article #3 Script

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Talent 1

Welcome to the Morning Quick 5 on 1404 KSMC AM, Sioux City.

A quick look at the local landscape:

A century old time capsule was removed from the cornerstone of the Woodbury county court house on Tuesday in preparation for the buildings centennial celebration next year.  The box is said to include some old coins, a picture of President Woodrow Wilson, and results from a local election that year.  It also contains articles from the Sioux city Journal in the early 1900s.  The box is to be opened November 21st at 3:45 PM.

A Dubuque Boy was injured in a hunting accident in Jackson County when his firearm malfunctioned.  Officers say during a pheasant hunt, the boy shot at a pheasant and his firearm exploded, causing fragments of the shell to escape out the side of the gun, hurting his thumb by breaking the tip.  The boy was transported to Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque where he was treated for his injury.

Talent 2

Taking a look at news from around the country:

Tampa Police believe a serial killer has claimed his fourth victim as a man walked to church Tuesday morning to feed the homeless.  Ronald Felton was gunned down in Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood, where three others have been killed by the same person.  Police have urged residents to stay in their homes and check to see if  any guns were missing.

Five people are dead, including the suspected gunman after a mass shooting near a school in Northern California. Police in Tay – Heema County confirmed two children were among the ten wounded early today in the attack in the rural community North of Sacramento.  Police say they don’t have a motive for the shooting.

Talent 3

Now for a look at this week in sports:

The Miami Marlins continue their quest to trade mega – star Jēun-carlo Stanton.  Stanton has given a list of teams he is both interested and not interested in.  According to sources, Stanton’s interests include the Dodgers and Giants.  Teams he has ruled out are the Red Sox and Cardinals.  Stanton has a no trade clause in contract, so he may have final say in any of the Marlins trade requests.

The latest College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night and Alabama has once again reclaimed the top spot.  Clemson was placed at second, followed by Miami of Florida, and Oklahoma.  Wisconsin and Auburn are the next two out.  Alabama, Miami, Wisconsin, and Central Florida are the only remaining undefeated teams in the FBS.

Talent 1

That is all for the morning quick 5 here on 1404, KSMC, Sioux City.  Thank you for tuning in and join us tomorrow morning.

Emma Watson Story

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“For the first time in my life, I found a brotherhood; a sisterhood – whatever, however you want to describe it – I found my tribe”

Actress Emma Watson moved the audience at the One Young World summit in Ottawa,  Canada with many heart felt phrases like this one .

Watson, an actress, has decided to embrace the feminist movement as well as become an activist for the cause.  Watson is probably most famous for her roll in the Harry Potter franchise, and now will be known for her actions to progress the feminism movement.

“…The truth is, it had never been about being an activist. It was the choice to make myself visible, and the choices that you made to do that too,” this is how watson explained her nervousness in becoming a voice for the feminist cause, and speaking at events such as One Young World.

One Young world was founded in 2010 and is a non – profit organization.  It tries to bring people, celebrities like Watson, to push toward solving some of the worlds most outstanding problems.

Watson’s speech described how great it was to finally embrace such a group or movement such as the feminist cause.  She continued by telling the audience how important it was to speak up, and stand up for what you believe in, because once she did it, she felt relieved and satisfied.