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Describing Exercise

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The Last person I ran into before class was a caucasion male in a decent outfit.  This outfit included dress pants, a fancy looking button up shirt, and a blazer to go over it.  The man seemed to be in his mid to late 50s with fairly thin hair that looked like it had been getting thinner […]

News Comment Week 4

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This article was written on a study about jellyfish and their sleeping habits.  The theory is, if something doesn’t have a brain, that thing can’t sleep.  But when a scientist observed a tank of jellyfish when he turned out the lights, that opinion changed.  He noticed the jellyfish moving slower when he turned out the […]

Scavenger Hunt

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The things I needed to get from people across campus were a favorite movie/TV Quote, and some pocket lint.  Both seemed they would be pretty easy for me, but this turned out to be a little harder in the end. The Movie Quote was easy.  I approached a young lady sitting on the patio of […]

Lead Exercise 4a

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Jet Crashes in Chicago Neighborhood, Killing 42 people CHICAGO – A United Airlines Jet carrying 61 people crashed in a residential district while making it’s decent on Chicago’s Second City Airport Friday afternoon.  42 bodies have been found in the wreckage, while 16 people, including three flight attendants were admitted to Holy Cross Hospital with […]

News Comment Week #4

September 13th, 2017 | Uncategorized | 1 comment This article by the Boston Globe reports ESPN’s 6:00 Co-Anchor Jemele Hill’s anti-Donald Trump tweets.  It is relatively unbiased, as the Boston Globe tends to be.  This is actually impressive since this is a subject a lot of journalists tend to struggle with when it comes to bias.  At the end of the article, […]

Article #1

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Troy Gentry of Famous Country Music Duo “Montgomery-Gentry” Dies in Helicopter Crash On September 8th of 2017, Country music lost one of it’s top artists.  Troy Gentry, of the Montgomery – Gentry Duo, died in a fatal helicopter accident near The Flying W Airport and Resort in Medford, New Jersey around 1:00 PM.  The only […]

Lede Exercise 1

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Ten East High Upperclassmen Suspended for multiple false Alarms Three false fire alarms went off last Wednesday at East High.  The culprits of the alarms was a group of frustrated students protesting suspensions from the week prior. According to East High’s principal, there were five students suspended for a week after they were caught smoking marijuana […]

News Comment: Week 3

September 7th, 2017 | Uncategorized | 1 comment This article was about a Chicago man who was waiting for a subway train, when he was shoved onto the tracks by a random person.  The one who shoved the man kept blocking the way up so the man couldn’t get off the rails.  When Benedict, the man who was shoved, was helped back […]