Nathan Hoogland considers himself a very blunt individual. ¬†His favorite phrase to use, when needed, is, “You’re stupid.” No, not “You’re Stupid!” Just a nice, straight faced, “You’re Stupid.”

“I just do [explicitive] like that all the time,” Nathan said in an interview, “I’m not afraid to tell someone when they’re being stupid.”

Nathan gave a few examples of when his bluntness was used in places where it was maybe frowned upon to be blunt, such as dealing with a situation his sister found herself in.

“I made a joke, she was in a bad mood, and she didn’t like it,” Nathan said with a smirk, “It was probably one of my best comebacks If I would say so.”

But Nathan doesn’t take it as being mean. ¬†Telling it how it is is just what he thinks is right.

“It’s part of being a good person, being able to tell it how it is,” proclaimed the Morningside College Junior, “there are too many people out there who will be too nice.”

When asked what he would say to those who find his bluntness distasteful, Nathan countered, “Maybe some don’t like it, but why would friends call me when they have a problem? It’s because I will be honest.”

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  1.   fuglsang

    I like the first graf. Very nice overall!

    You don’t need to include “in an interview.” “Very” is also unnecessary.