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This article is a preview of the upcoming heavyweight championship fight between Anthony Joshua of Britain, and Carlos Takam of France. This article takes Takam’s point of view on the preview of the fight, trying to dig in to what Takam feels about the upcoming fight.  It has some good quotes, despite Takam’s unwillingness to […]

Science Article

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Carnivores  dinosaurs are some of the most studied of the ancient creatures, and a new one was just discovered in Southern Africa.  And this one is big. The Kayentapus Ambrokholohali’s footprints were found in Lesotho.  These footprints measured 50 cm long and 57 cm wide.  This gives the KA an estimated size of 30 meters in length, and 3 meters in […]

Shooting Newscast

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A shooting brought a wedding to a halt Saturday on Black Street. (PLAY WCouse.Wav) Richard and Laurette Brunson were married Saturday on the front porch of their home.  According to Police Sgt. Mann, Richard Brunson shot his newly wed wife Laurette Kenny Brunson around 5pm. (PLAY SgtMann.Wav) Laurette is the mother of 3 children, and had […]

Article #2

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FBI Stings the Blue Bloods Louisville.  Arizona.  Miami.  Oklahoma State.  Auburn.  South Carolina.  These were the schools on the FBI’s list of schools that were involved in a deep winding scandal that will have dire consequences according to USA Today.  This scandal is still fairly confusing to the public, and that is understandable, because there […]