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Graham High School

210 Valley Dale St.

Bluefield Virginia


From: Morningside College PR office, Steven Cutler, 515-215-0392

Sondra Thoreson, a graduate of Graham High School in 2013 presented a research paper to the Wisconsin animal Science Convention with Dr. Chris P. Bacon on how monkeys brains access information while playing video games.

Thoreson and Bacon received special permission from Wisconsin Zoo’s to access their monkey habitats and attach electrodes to their heads while they played video games.

Thereon said the paper was well received, but people were more interested in the fact that they trained monkeys to play video games.

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  1.   fuglsang

    Include a headline with this so there is a link to the story.

    PR leads are pretty much the same as news leads. Here, rather than starting with Sondra’s name, you woud get mre reders by writing, “A 2013 Graham High School graduate presented….” Then the name in the second sentence/graf.