Jazmine Dirks is all about facing her fears when it comes to being under pressure.

After a major snow storm Jazmine Dirks was sent out to her families local grocery store to get some coffee for everyone.

This does not seem to be a big deal to most people, but to Jazmine it was a little nerve racking.

Dirks had to drive a car that was a stick shift, a car that she is not used to driving, because it was the only one that could get out of the driveway. The grocery store was only a few blocks away but that did not calm Dirks down at all.

She made it out of the driveway and was off to a good start. The whole way there she was worried about sliding on ice or getting into an accident. Slowly but surely Dirks made it to the grocery store with no problems.

Dirks was relieved and started to calm down a bit, but shortly realized she had to get back into the car and do it all over agin, but this time she had seven cups of coffee with her that she did not have the first time.

Once Dirks got back into the car she started to get nervous again. She was also angry at her family for sending her to do this task.

Once again, Dirks made it to where she needed to be with only a few drops of coffee being spilled.

After getting settled in at home, she realized that this was a situation wasn’t as serious as she thought it was at the time, but she is happy that she was able to overcome her fears in a scary situation.

Dirks said, “This story may be silly to others, but to me it is a snapshot of my life. I let my nerves get the best of ┬áme sometimes and I just needed to take time to relax and be calm, so I can save myself the stress and worry!”


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