Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott encourages people to always fight, and to never give up.

Stuart Scott a sports anchor for ESPN received the Jimmy V Award last night at the ESPN ESPY Awards. Scott has been battling with cancer and is continuing to fight.

The main message that Scott was trying to say last night is that no matter what you are going through keep fighting, because we have a responsibility to never give up.

He said himself, “When you get to tired to fight, lie down, take a rest, and let someone fight for you.” He told the audience that he has many people that are helping him with his fight, such as friends, family, co-workers, doctors, but most importantly his daughters.

His daughters are his heartbeat and the reason he keeps on fighting. He invited his youngest daughter up on stage with him to share this special moment.

He also told the audience that if we die from cancer it is not a loss, he said, “You beat cancer on the way that you lived your life.” Encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest and to always remember to never stop fighting.

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  1.   fuglsang on October 19th, 2015

    The lead sort of works, Molly, but stick with past tense, and maybe move some of the info from the second graf to the first: ESPN’s Stuart Scott encourage people to always fight, and to never give up, as he accepted the Jimmy V Award last night at the ESPYs.

    Then the info about his cancer. Organization is otherwise fine.