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This lead grabbed my attention right away. It alludes to the obstacles that black coaches face in the NFL. It draws the reader in by teasing a quote in the lead. It made me want to read further to learn about specific experiences that many different black team personal have had.

  1. The uphill climb of being a black coach in the NFL.
  2. The “cookie-cutter” landscape of the NFL.
  3. Widening the NFL talent pool, how Bryan Leftwich broke barriers to become an offensive coordinator.

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  1. fuglsang

    These seem more like alternate headlines.

    I don’t like quote leads, but I think something could be done with this:“We’re a powerful league. We’re capable of doing a lot of things, and I think we can fix this issue, but I don’t personally know how,” Leftwich tells me. He sighs. “Maybe one day I do have an answer on how to get this minority coaching situation figured out,” he says. But, “it’s not up to me to figure it out.”

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