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Longform Writing #3


This story is about Bill Laimbeer former Detroit Piston and current coach of the WNBA Los Vegas Aces. This article was written in late 2013 when he had just become the head coach of the New York Liberty. There is a lot that I enjoyed about this article as a basketball fan. While the author Kate Fagen spends some time discussing Laimbeer’s days a Detroit bad boy, the more important focus is how particular at that time people didn’t view the WNBA with much respect. Laimbeer’s first experience coaching basketball came as an assistant coach with the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. Unfortunately, he didn’t have great success with the team and left shortly after.

I found that the headline of this article compelled me to keep reading. “The Feminization of Bill Laimbeer” is something that I never though I would read. You have this tough guy who certainly didn’t have a great relationship with referees, opposing players, and even sometimes his own team. I certainly believe that this is a true story. Now I’m sure that some of the quotes may have been changed because of his fiery personality. But I certainly believe the events that are covered. I particularly found the exchange that he had with Chucky Jeffery particularly colorful.

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  1. fuglsang

    It begins with a nice anecdote/scene. Bill Laimbeer as Tom Cruise.
    Is it possible Laimbeer has CTE?

    I get the impression the story tries to do too much, but I’m not a fan of the NBA.

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