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Month: August 2019

Trump’s push to hold the G7 at Trump Doral, explained

Trump at the G7 summit in France via https://www.vox.com/2019/8/26/20833650/trump-g7-trump-doral-explained

The latest controversy surrounding President Trump is now about the location for the next G7 summit. Trump who attended this year’s summit in France suggested that next year’s G7 summit should be held at Trump Doral in Florida. Trump Doral, which was founded in 1962, is located in Miami. The topic first came up after a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This comes following weeks of controversy regarding the President attempts to reinvite Russin President Vladimir Putin.


Is isn’t surprising anymore to see President Trump in the Headlines in a negative light. The fact that he is promoting his business that he hasn’t seperated himself from in anyway is telling. Before the President took office he swore to turn over control of his business empire to his sons. Even if this has happened in writing it hasn’t happened in practice. His business would obviously benefit from hosting the G7 meeting.

Darrian Adkins

Darrian Adkins is from Spencer Iowa. He is nineteen years old. He graduated from Spencer High School in 2018. During that time, he was involved in many extracurricular activities including the school choir. He is a sophomore at Morningside College majoring in Religious Studies. Also, he has a work-study position with the Grace United Methodist Church. Some of the tasks he performs include leading the Sunday school program and assisting with the middle school youth group. After graduating Darrian would like to go on to seminary school and get ordained as a minister with the Methodist Church. Ideally, he would like to attend mdvix program at Luther College located in St. Paul.

Originally Darrian wanted to go to college to study accounting. He currently has no pets. Darrian also enjoys playing video games in his free time. Currently he is playing Skyrim which is one of those games that is so open ended and filled with content you can never truly beat the game. One game that he is excited for is the follow up for Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4. The first game being released in September of 2018. Darrian also has a strong sense of volunteering. Both with his church as well as other community groups.  

Response: Report on Racism

I feel like people can interpret this article in many ways. It’s a bold claim to call someone a racist let alone the president of the United States. A word like that carries immense weight and can destroy a person’s professional career. It should not be used lightly. In this particular scenario I think it was used correctly. The things that were said in President Trumps tweet were shocking and uncalled-for. However, it is important to discuss these labels and if correct to use them because of the significance of the claims.