Nov 06 2012

My Fellow Americans…

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It’s Tuesday, November 6, 2012. I’m sprawled out across the couch in our upstairs study, pondering for a moment about what I’ll write about this time. Downstairs I hear the faint sound of another Little House on the Prairie rerun. God I hate that show. Why my girlfriend watches it religiously, I’ll never know.

My feet are resting comfortably under a homemade BEARS blanket, so all’s well relatively speaking. The topic of conversation for this piece is Election Day and what it means to me.  So in the true spirit of democracy I’ll stand on these three platforms and simply rant.

First and foremost, today means that finally I can take down the Romney and King signs that litter my front lawn. I don’t support either candidate and truly believe we live in a Plutocracy. I don’t care who wins or loses today. My soon to be father-in-law is a baby boomer however, the last generation of Americans to associate themselves by party affiliations.

He’s a staunch Republican who blames Obama for everything and fills every conversation with politics and Democrat failures. He doesn’t care to realize that times have changed. People no longer see themselves as Democrats or Republicans. The latest Gallup poll shows that 38% of Americans claim to be Independents.  Yet every Tuesday for the past three months he and his cronies congregate downstairs at the Family Table to talk politics.

A few weeks ago I was building a dog run and was glad to have his help. Unfortunately, while working, he noticed the Obama/Vilsack signs across the street and knew what he had to do.

“Figures they’d support Crispy Ball-Sac!” (I guess he knows my neighbors.)

Yet it’s Election Day. So joyfully I’ll wander out to the corner and take down his signs without any rebuking.

Speaking of Congressmen, hopefully after Election Day Steve King can respond to my emails and calls about why the VA has dropped the ball this semester.  I understand that he’s busy running a campaign, but hopefully tomorrow he or a staff member can reply. The “Post 9/11 GI Bill” Facebook page has several comments from other veterans whose state officials helped rectify their situations. Some in Congress are even demanding investigations. So who knows maybe I’ll hear something tomorrow.


Finally, Election Day to me means being able to use social media again without reading about politics and proclamations about what it is to be American. I don’t want to vote and never have. Feel free to judge, but there are no Reagan’s or Roosevelt’s running. My generation’s choices include names like Bush, Gore, and McCain.

So all in all what exactly does Election Day mean to me? That thankfully in a few hours, it’s over.

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  1.   fuglsangon 07 Nov 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Do you sit in with the cronies? Excellent opportunity for a group profile. Like minded individuals whose time has passed them by?

    If you try to tie these three things together, you’re basically being held hostage by ideologues. Their desires and needs are infringing on your desires and needs.

    Way better than an F.