Home is Where Hart Is.

If you ever find yourself in Omaha, Nebraska you have to let Kassidy Hart show you the coolest spots around town. The malls, the zoo, movie theatres, Kassidy knows them all. 

To recognize Kassidy, her hair goes neatly down to her shoulders and seems to have an automatic pep in her step. She’s returned for her sophomore year at Morningside majoring in English, in hopes of one day becoming an English teacher. In addition to that, Kassidy participates in Theatre here on campus and plays Tennis for the Mustangs. 

As much as she loves being here at Morningside Kassidy is a bighome body. One of the many pleasures she misses from home is a meal cooked by her family. Her menu of choice, always is a big steak and potatoes. “I miss it a lot,” She would smile sadly. She mentioned how her dad buys “the whole cow” from the butcher for her and 2 younger brothers. 

Kassidy admits she’s not the best cook, so she helps her mom with the cleaning to contribute to the home care effort. 

Home cooked meals and shopping is favorite passed time. While being home Kassidy spends a lot of time with her boyfriend. When they’re together they go shopping, she casually dropped the hint they do it a lot. Ask her where all best shopping is she’ll take you to WestRoads Mall, it’s the biggest mall in Omaha. 

You also might make a stop at the movie theatre by her home, the seats have reclining features. In addition, if it’s Tuesday, Kassidy will take you along for the $5 Tuesday Special.  

Along with your new set of clothes and large movie Slurpee, you have to see the Omaha Zoo. It’s one of Kassidy’s favorite places to go, “It’s so fun to go in the Summer.” Kassidy grew up dreaming of working at the zoo, especially in the nursery with all the cute baby animals. Before she could apply, her older sister worked at the concessions there and said it was not fun. Not loving the job was enough to persuade Kassidy to not apply. 

Instead of working she just goes and sees all of her favorite animals. One of her go to spots are the penguins, she described them as so cute sitting on their rock waddling around. The penguins can’t compete with the baby monkeys, “They’re the best.” they are her absolute favorite animal at the zoo. 

As the Kassidy Hart Omaha express tour reaches a close, it’s obvious that at the end of the day what you do with your time at home is what makes it special. 

Kassidy makes it clear there’s nothing she loves better than being at home with family and friends. But she’s also glad she’s here at Morningside making a new family on the Tennis Team, the classroom and in the Theatre. She makes it a home away from home.