Story Article #2 Idea

All around Morningside you can hear certain conversations between friends, the topics vary all over. Only, the one topic that seems to occur more often all the time is the subject of eating/food.

For my story proposition I want to interview a variety of students who either live on or off campus, athlete or non athlete, and maybe a professor or coach. I think asking 3 people of these backgrounds would be able to provide useful information on:

– how much they think about food
– how much they buy at the store
– if they like eating off or on campus better
– how they like the food provided for them
– if they could change any option at the Cafe, what would it be?
– is eating with friends or alone better?
– how much they eat (depending if they’re an athlete)
– what they like to eat (not favorite food, what they have on hand in their rooms if they don’t live in a house off campus)