News Comment #5: “What You Need to Know Vaping-Related Lung Illness.”

Hundreds of people across the country have been struck ill by the known “Vaping Illness” which is linked to vaping. The authors of this article, Matt Richtel and Denise Grady compile what we know, who is at risk, symptoms and prevention.

Anyone who uses e-cigarettes or other vaping devices, whether to consume nicotine or substances extracted from marijuana or hemp, may be at risk because investigators have not determined whether a specific device or type of vaping liquid is responsible. Early symptoms are fatigue, nausea, vomiting, coughing and fever, shortness of breath–which can become so extreme it can prompt an emergency room visit. Mitch Zeller, director for the Center for Tobacco Products at the F.D.A. says,

The authors did an excellent job identifying each key subject and listing its importance from the top to bottom. They used the pyramid very well. Also, their organization in quotations, people identified, were placed well in the article. All in all they wrote a well written article informing the reader on the subject instead of beating around the bush on important key factors that should help the reader understand the article.