Chelsea Hernandez, a Morningside College Junior and a Mass Communications Major, stated that she chose to attend Morningside mainly because she loved the small campus and the people. She moved to Sioux City, Iowa from Laguna Beach, California, a 1652.4 mile move, to pursue her college experience.  She graduated from El Toro High School before her great move across the country.


Unlike many of the other students at Morningside, Hernandez is not involved with a sports team on campus, but is pursuing a career in Public Relations. Being so far from home, and no where near the coast, there are very limited opportunities for her to participate in one of her favorite summertime activities: surfing. Her family lives along the coast in California, and along with surfing, she enjoys taking roadtrips up and down the coast of her home state with her brother and cousins. She also enjoys working with her dad at his Photo Booth business during the summer when she is back home.


It seems that Hernandez has plenty of travel under her belt, and when asked what her favorite place that she has visited so far is she answered Mazatlan, Mexico. There, in 2014, she was able to go zip-lining through the jungle. Though she is afraid of heights, Hernandez stated that the activity itself did not make her afraid and the idea of soaring through the air towards the ground made all the difference.


Hernandez is just one of the many students on Morningside’s campus that is bringing life and new culture to the student body.