News comment (10.13)

“Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz defends fans booing Penn State players going down”

This article opens up by telling the reader that kirk Ferentz had a weekly press conference after Iowa STOMPED all over Penn States perfect season.

Adam Ritttenberg noted that Kirk Said in his press conference:  “I hope those guys are well, I don’t know what their status is,” Ferentz said. “Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt. But I think probably [the booing] is a reaction to, there were a couple of guys that were down for the count and then were back a play or two later. Our fans aren’t stupid. They’re watching, they know what’s going on. I’ve been here 23 years and I think that’s only the second time we’ve seen that kind of stuff going on.” “We don’t coach it, haven’t really been exposed to it, But our fans thought they smelled a rat, I guess, I don’t know, so they responded the way they responded.”

The Article wrapped up by noting what the Iowa Hawkeyes had done all season and what they faced ahead.

I will admit this article is very sallow and doesn’t give very much detail of the situation, nor it is big time news. Outside of Iowa and Penn State little “bubble” nobody should really give a shit about what Kirk thinks but I just had to note that I love when Kirk stand ups and calls a team that Iowa just stomped on “A rat”.

What is it? I tell you want it is!

Today I went on a mission to be somewhere at an unfamiliar time, it was somewhere that I you can find me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am at my Graphic Design Classroom 2 hours before class begins.

As I arrived to Eppley, I saw that the park space that are filled with cars and their commuter sticks that prevent security from giving them tickets were noticeably gone. It was just cement and yellow paint.

Once I was in the building I heard a lack of singing and instruments being played, the usually vibrant Classrooms were bare and empty, as was MC 203 my graphic design classroom.

In the room itself there was me and one other student. The student was a tall dude, with black hair and a black beard with a wrinkly red shirt on. The shirt itself said Saints crossed the front, his high school football team’s nickname, as the dude himself is a morning side football player.

There were something else missing, the buzzing of the printer wasn’t going on, the squeaky of the of the swingline paper cutter going up and down turning what is a gross raw graphic design project into a masterpiece was gone. All that I can hear is the clicking of my keyboard and the buzzing of the old air conditioning units’ fans.

My thoughts at the time as I look out the window was thank god it is almost fall break, the sun was out and I was looking forward to a cold beer when I got back to my house.

Article 2 (very) rough draft

COVID AND SPORTS, a Morningside perspective

Where were you March 11th, 2020? To some that date may not seem significant, but to sports fans it was the day the world stopped turning.

On March 11th, 2020, Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid-19, and the NBA game between the Jazz and the Thunder was cancelled by the refs’ moments before tip-off. I still remember that night and thinking Holy Shit, Covid-19 is real. Just a couple days later all sports a crossed the world were shut down and we were all forced into a bubble.

For the interest of Morningside Students, I wanted to get insights from a current athlete, and a former student/ current administration, and  some who did go to school here but is current administration.

The very first person I talked to was Dylan Hamil. Mr. Hamil is guy with a little bit of Cali-swag to him, by that I mean he wears his hair long, and overall has very chill mindset and outlook towards the world. He is a man you has an immense love for the sport of volleyball, and when I brought up the topic of the begging of covid and Rudy Gobert Hamil told me, “I remember that night… I am not a avid basketball fan but I remember scrolling through twitter and seeing the images of fans running towards the exits and there being a panic. At the moment my heart snuck, I knew I had lost my season.”

My father Mike Freeman, who works at Morningside University shared similar sentiments when he told me, “I was devasted for our Mustang athletes, especially the seniors because I knew for a lot of them they’d begin to realize they’d played their last game here.”

In that moment in the interview with both my father and especially Dylan Hamil, I began to realize that maybe going down the path of asking them questions about their covid experience would only net me negative responses so asked them to give me any positive they got from the experience.

“The world was moving at warp speed through the years, and this pandemic has slowed life down to a turtle’s pace. It forces one to get back to what is important in their life that one may have taken for granted or forgotten.  For me it was GOD, family, and friends,” said Mr. Hamil, “I have learned not to take as many things as I did before for granted. Once we finally be back to  “normal”, I realize now that I have to be thankful every day that I am safe, and healthy. I also now am able to participate in my jobs, and school, and be with people that I love. I will continue to remember that the life we have is a gift, and to embrace that gift and see this current present time can get taken away at a moments notice.”

During the time of this answer, I notice that Dylan was becoming very passionate about his current ability to enjoy his sport and his busy life. I think Dylan’s mindset of being present and enjoying the little things is important to remember at this time almost a year and a half removed from the start of covid-19.

Mark O’Connell was a former student and is currently working the alumni relations office of Morningside University and I wanted to get perspective of what alumni and how they were feeling now that COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

“I think it’s great,” Says Mr. O’Connell, “The world as we know it is slowly getting back to normal, and I think that is a fantastic thing not only for our current students, athletes, and me and family but also for our Alumni. This past week was our Homecoming, and it was a fantastic thing to see all the alumni back to celebrate Morningside university. When I spoke to them there was a pessimistic optimism, they look back on what happened and are deeply saddened, but they are hopeful for the future”.

Overall obviously covid was a terrible thing, but from the people I talk to people are pulling positives from the pandemic.

Last Convo (in-class)

It was five minutes before class, Dylan Hamil, in his pink shirt and long hair, had a mini podcast with me  about the NFL.

In honesty the conversation was very pointless and meaningless, however it kept our interest as we discussed and debate over who we thought would a good play on our individual fantasy teams and the best/worst real team in the league.

While conversating you could feel a point of interest for Dylan Hamil was which running back do I play, I suggested to him that he played Derrick Henry and Zeke Eliot. However, Dylan scoffed at this and suggest that he play Henderson.

Hopefully Dylan makes the right decision this week.


In what comes as no shock to any sports fan ever, the rolling drama circus and flat earther Kyrie is still refusing to get vaccinated for covid-19.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst’s sources Brooklyn Nets are still unclear on Kyrie Irving’s vaccine intentions. The Nets are preparing for possibility that he will miss home games, practices

The article starts by stating my lead to this comment before transitioning into informing the reader of the following, “There had been previous optimism that Irving would get vaccinated and fulfill local governmental mandates allowing him to practice and play in New York this season, but that hope is waning, and Irving’s continued resistance to vaccination has the Nets preparing for the possibility that they’ll be without him for home practices and games for the foreseeable future.” Says Adrian Wojnarowski, “If Irving remains unvaccinated, the Nets could soon be faced with a decision on whether they’ll allow Irving to come and go with the team in and out of New York — or just keep him sidelined all together.”

To simplify what Wojnarowski said no shot no play (at least in the State of New York).

The article ends by stating, “The challenge of an unvaccinated Irving could test the Nets immediately in the regular season. With a six-game homestead starting the second week of the season.”

In my opinion this article is very newsworthy because of the fact it is a sport’s article that deals with one of if not the hottest of hot button topic in America, Vaccines. But since we are on the topic of interviews in class I believe the article lacked something by not having a quote from a NBA representative, a Brookly Nets representative, or a governmental representative. The article only gave itself factual evidence by having the two most respected NBA analyst in “Woj” and “Windy” aka Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst. This article was of interest for me because of the opinion I had of Kyrie Irving prior to this new drama (refer to picture).

News Comment (9.29)

Weeks after announcing all direct NBA players would have to vaccinated Tim Bontemps announces, “Players who are forced to miss games due to the executive orders governing vaccination requirements in both New York and San Francisco will not be paid for any games they miss.”

Mike Bass the NBA executive VP of communications added, “Any player who elects not to comply with local vaccination mandates will not be paid for games that he misses.”

The article would go on to talk about specific players like Kyrie Irving. It wrapped up saying, “The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are finalizing an agreement over the health and safety protocols for this season, as ESPN reported Tuesday night when the league sent the protocols to teams.”

This article left me with the question of what about player in cities without vaccination requirements, that test positive? Would they still get paid? I think it was failure of the writer to not address that question, even a speculation without fact would have given the reader more clues into what might happen in that situation. Other than that it was a great article that address the needs of the reader.

Interview with Dylan Hamil about Covid-19

A student from Morningside University did not have a lot to say about covid (from the point of view of a student).

Dylan Hamil is a transfer student athlete here at Morningside University and when I talked to him about his covid experiences, he had more talk about in terms of his bowling and volleyball teams then he did about being a student.

Dylan Hamil did have fears about school however when he said “My biggest fear about covid is missing out the hands on learning, and in person learning.” This is a fear that I share with Dylan and in our opinion a lot of students have as well.

Hamil’s focus in terms of restrictions, limitations, opportunities, and disappoints had to deal with sports. In summarization of the answers Hamil gave me, he felt like the crowd would restrict his performance, as would the limitations on the practices that could be held. Mr. Hamil felt as if his opportunities to perform his sports are a lot grander now that covid is seemingly over, as he was disappointed in the cancelation of seasons in the past.

In the end, Hamil held a positive outlook on this next year at Morningside.

“I missed out on a few of the typical freshman experiences at my previous school, but I am now able to meet a lot of people through the volleyball and bowling teams. It is a great time.”

Gersson Rosas out as Timberwolves’ president of basketball operations (NEWS Comment 9.23)

In a move that shocked a lot of people, Gersson Rosas was fire on Wednesday, this coming months after new owners took over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The article start with the explaining of the firing, and who reported it first. Then comes the meat of article wear NBA beat writer Ramona Shelbourne writes, “Sources close to the situation told Shelburne that incoming owners Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez had been evaluating Rosas’ performance this summer and had planned to relieve him of his duties at some point. According to sources, that process sped up the more they learned about the deterioration of his relationship with Gupta and after evidence was brought to them about a consensual romantic relationship between Rosas and another team employee.”

This raised the question to me of why it was so shocking if the Timberwolves had been playing it for a while now, also why the Wolves do it now. However, the article never answered that question.

The article just goes on to talk about how Rosas’s teams were performing and the stats behind before rapping up the article saying who the new president is, and his previous experience, “Sachin Gupta was hired by Rosas after stints in the front office with the Pistons, the 76rs and the Rockets. With degrees from MIT and Stanford, Gupta is an analytics ace who began his career at ESPN, where he developed the popular website feature known as the “NBA Trade Machine” that calculates the salary-cap ramifications of any potential deal that a fan wants to plug in.”

Yes I think this massive news to sports fan because a lot of us weren’t expecting, I also think the writer did a good job of explaining the situation but failed to answer some of my questions that I think a lot of fans would have.

tweet from a player showing that it was shocking

The Scavenger hunt & Interview with JJ Marlow about Sports

Today, I was assigned to walk around campus and talk to people. The first thing I did was follow Dylan Hamill to Dimmit Hall and listen to him talk to someone about volley. I then decided to walk to Lewis Hall and talk to JJ Marlow about sports.

I got the chance to talk to JJ Marlow, the Director of Annual Scholarship Fund here at Morningside about youth and college sports.

“I feel like the difference between college and youth sports is the coaching” Said JJ Marlow, “I think at times youth coaches put in less than colleges and at times can have preferences that are based on who they like not who is performing the best”.

JJ Marlow was a softball player here at Morningside, and she had great perspective on the youth and college sports atmosphere.

JJ said, “I think I learned a lot more about sports during my college days then I did my youth sports days.”

I also took a picture of a Morningside flag in JJ’s office.

THE NIL SUCCESS (story #1 final)

The NCAA on July 1st, 2021 passed name image and likeness rights for collegiate athletes underneath the NCAA banner. This was a severe shift in what was previously allowed. 

This is revolutionary, as rules around NIL have prohibited athletes from profiting off of their collegiate fame. “The rules kept them squarely under the NCAA’s “amateur” guise, but not anymore” Says SBNations’s Sydney Umari.

Formally, players were limited to making money in form of their scholarships, any other form of money making by athletes was deemed to be an NCAA violation. Despite the NCAA making nearly a billion dollars in revenue every single year. Yet the NCAA still refused to give the athletes a piece of that billion-dollar pie. 

As Sydney Umari said “not anymore”.

However, the road to NIL rights was not easy, it took local, state, and even federal interference for the NIL rules to finally be passed by the NCAA, starting in California and their “fair to pay to play” act. The billl, that will go into effect until 2023, prohibits schools from punishing those who accept endorsement deals while in college. 

This one act set off a snowball effect that eventually led to the NCAA receiving a supreme court opinion that made it clear the NCAA would face significant legal issues if its rules on NIL rights were not changed.

“College sports is in the midst of its most significant changes in a generation,” said ESPN’s Dan Murphy, “athletes are now provided with varying degrees of new protections and opportunities to make money by selling their name, image and likeness (NIL) rights.”

The NCAA football season has now started and to say that the NIL rules have helped NCAA athletes would be an understatement. While the star QB’s like Spencer Rattler, D.J. Uiagalelei, Bryce Young, and C.J. Stroud will undoubtedly get the multi-million-dollar deals and benefit most from a monetary standpoint, it’s not just stars of college football that will benifit from the new NIL rules.

“Brands are showing strong attraction to all kinds of aspirational kids you have never heard of, in all kinds of surprising and pleasant places.” Said Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins.  For example a football player at Jackson State, Antwan Owens is getting support from hair company. He will not be a frist round draft pick nor will he have the colliagate fame like the big time quarterbacks yet he is still going to get paid for his NIL.  A wideout for Arkanas and his dogs are getting brand deals on social media. Even from a buisnes side, “The deodorant company Degree has signed up 14 athletes with inspiring backstories, many of whom you have never heard of, for a “#BreakingLimits” campaign. And Marshall offensive lineman Will Ulmer is getting paid to play his guitar onstage.”  Said Sally Jenkins. 

As a fan of college athletes, I couldn’t be happier that these college stars are now able to benefit from their NIL. It’s been long overdue. As someone who hated that  college stars could not take advantage of this rule, I hope that the schools take the time to support their athletes in these new changes and that athletes take full advantage of this opportunity because it’s been a long road to get here.