Oct 12 2017

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Over 25 people dead – thousands of homes destroyed! News Comment #8

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Devastating wildfires in Northern California and the wine country are becoming the deadliest and most destructive in CA history leaving lives lost. Towns have been evacuated, residents displaced. Due to this, the chaotic flames now have spread throughout the state, heading towards the southern regions. Sonoma County Sheriff Robert Giordano mentions that two more people have been confirmed dead there. He also says the county also has reports of 1,000 missing persons, and that 603 of those have been and are safe.

More and more victims have been identified throughout the counties. Yuba County officials state that they believe four people have died in the Cascade Fire, and possibly a fifth will be shown. Death toll continues to increase, with Mendocino County reporting a total of eight. The state has 42 shelters set up that accommodated 4,800 people on Wednesday night this week.

Citizens from around the nation are sending their best wishes to residents and their families who have been displaced by these deadly fires. This loss has been devastating for many people, with many residents losing their entire houses, their belongings, or even the lives of their pets and loved ones. Additionally, so many people are thankful for the firefighters and other first responders who have no doubt saved many more lives.

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