Sep 26 2017

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Sweet Taste Testing

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In today’s class we got the opportunity to try out a mix of sweets that are healthy and not so much, yet too got not to eat. The first subject I tried was Crème de Pirouline (cream filled wafers), it is chocolate filled in a chocolate and vanilla swirled wafer. When first biting into the stick, it is crunchy and then soft, chewy, rich and creamy. The next item on my list was a bright red strawberry with several yellow brown seeds. The taste was sweet and tarty. Next, I bit into a kiwi, which I might lean over to the fact to it being the best on my plate. The outer green was layer was freshly sweet and cold, the seeds gave out crunchiness, and the core tasted like banana. After the kiwi was done, I had a tiny blue berry, which was gone within seconds. I guess I had the best and sweetest for last. There was a crystal sugar covered chocolate doughnut.

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  1. fuglsangon 28 Sep 2017 at 8:51 am 1

    OK, Jose. You’re using some good sensory detail. You left ut smell, but that’s a tough one, I think. Our culture doesn’t really promote smelling things.

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