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Feb 09 2015

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Part 1:

I write in my dorm, in a quiet area, along with music, having food and a drink on my side, and sometimes either alone with no sounds or with friends to keep me company. I am most productive (in the day time) when I am feeling comfortable in the place where I am. I need music, sometimes snacks, company, and positivity around me. Music and snacks give me energy when I am writing. I like to write outlines and prewrites and having them ready by a friend or a tutor before getting them turned in. For writing, in First-year seminar I learned that students need to set their priorities and plan their weekdays in advanced — this will help organize and improve their studying skills. In C&C I hope to learn some history about Popular Culture, new skills in analyzing papers/articles, better ideas for writing.

Part 2:

I believe the text will be about comparing McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s. What should come next should be some background information on both sides. The next paragraph shows interesting facts about McDonald’s that many people do not know about. McDonald’s advertising strategies incorporate children with their families and also include animals. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s uses models in all its commercials. Describes background on the fast food chain such as where it originated. Compares both with their open hours and the way they advertise.

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