Aug 29 2017

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Let’s meet Morgan

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I have interviewed Morgan Whitehead this morning and learned some interesting facts. She is a junior with an Advertising major. Morgan is from LeMars, IA. She was previously a volleyball player and involved with Student Government. Now, after taking time on reflecting, She stepped down from the team to focus on herself. She is currently a Coach at Dakotah Valley. Whitehead has two brothers and one sister at home. For her interests, she enjoys musicals, preferably pop or country themed and she also enjoys watching movies.

This has been Jose and some points on Morgan.

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  1. fuglsangon 04 Sep 2017 at 10:10 am 1

    To start, as I said in class, you don’t need to be in here, Jose. News reporters generally try to be invisible. (The sign off is OK if you’re focusing on broadcast writing.) Make sure the lead refers to the story/event, nt to you.

    You have some bits of info, but they don’t really hang together. I’m kind of curious why she is no longer a volleyball player. The goal is to give your stories a focus, and include only the details needed to tell that story.

    • Catch up on your news comments soon.

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