Rulin Pederson Profile Story

December 13, 2019

Rulin Pederson is a living example of the classic rule “don’t judge a book by its cover”. At first glance, he is intimidating. He walks with intense confidence that not many people are used to encountering. He stands about six feet tall and holds his head high and chest out with his own kind of swagger, while still maintaining a professional attitude. On top of that, he has very short hair with an athletic build, as he takes physical fitness very seriously. What may take you by surprise is the fact that he is covered from chest to ankle in tattoos, each one telling a different story from his life.

Even though he is covered in ink like a book, he is not an easy man to read. Pederson explained that he lives his life with reason and purpose. “It is important to have rules. Things that keep you humble in life”. It’s clear that Mr. Pederson begins each day ready to take action. “I like to work out first thing in the morning. It helps me clear my head before I start my day”. Pederson has the title of Admissions Counselor at Morningside College, as well as being the Head Assistant Coach for the Morningside Wrestling team. Obviously, these are two very different jobs. 

As an Admissions Counselor, he invites excited new students to the school with open arms. Often times you can find him around campus with a smile on his face. He enjoys talking to students and faculty throughout the day while he is giving campus tours or promoting Morningside events. His main role, however, is to help new students get settled in as they begin their college careers. But as the workday comes to an end Pederson’s title changes to coach. 

“Coaching is what I’m really passionate about”. Things have started to go right since Coach Pederson started for the mustangs two years ago. Since he started, the team has been building quickly. The team won a GPAC conference title last year and qualified six wrestlers for the national tournament. The team has taken a strong liking to Coach Pederson. 

            “Rulin is a great coach because he takes the time to get to know each of us as a wrestler so that he can figure out what we really need to work on and get better at”, Cam Williams explained. Cam is a junior at Morningside and has been at the school since before Rulin began coaching, but he’s not the only one who feels this way. Phil Rasmussen is also a junior, and team captain for the wrestling team. “Rulin is the man. He works really well with Coach Stevenson because they look at wrestling in different ways… they are a great duo, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for the team”. 

            Pederson is doing his best to make an impact on the lives of the students and athletes that he works with every day. As relationships begin to form with these young aspiring adults, they seem to have a comfortability with him. Mr. Pederson is the beginning of a generation the bridges the gap between generations. The sky is the limit for this young professional. Whether as a coach or an admissions counselor Pederson has already begun to make a positive reputation for himself at Morningside College.       

Shock at the MegaCity Mall

December 5, 2019

Earlier today while people were enjoying a normal day at the mall, a large explosion occurred in the food court area leaving over 100 people injured, and two dead. No information has been found yet as to what caused the explosion but authorities are working to uncover the mystery.

There were multiple eyewitnesses but none of which seem to be sure what happened. “I was just enjoying my coffee on a stick when it all happened. It went down so fast that I wasn’t sure what was happening at first.” One student from Morningside College explained to reporters. “You don’t ever think about these things until you’re a part of it.”

Another witness had a bit of a different take on the situation. “It was very sudden and alarming. Everything seemed to be normal until it wasn’t. When I realized what had happened I rushed over to see if everyone was alright.” “I have never seen anything that gruesome before. I am just glad I was there to help.”

Captain Fuglsang of the MegaCity Police Dept. will be holding a press conference at 2:00 PM outside the mall with an update on the investigation.

The Midland Zoo seems a little more gloomy today after a beloved polar bears light has burnt out.

A 16-year-old polar bear known as Homer was found dead in his habitat this morning at around 7 AM. His cause of death is unknown, but it is believed that it was because of old age.

Head zoo veterinarian had this to say; “The zoo will perform a necropsy to try to determine the cause of death. The results will not be available for several weeks”. Polar Bears have been a key attraction of the zoo since it opened in 1985.

“We will do everything in our power to determine how this bear died. Animal welfare and preservation of species are our primary goals here at the zoo”. A quote from the Director of the Midland Zoo.

That’s a Bunch of Crap

December 3, 2019

Students in the Philippines have found a way to convert poop from stray dogs into a very useful thing. These eighth-graders have decided to try and come up with a solution for one of the biggest problems that the Philippines have today. Their streets are overrun with hundreds if not thousands of stray dogs. One of the biggest problems that this brings is that the streets are littered with excrement. But these clever students found a way to make this problem useful.

This is a short article and easy to read, but if you don’t want to take the two minutes to read there is a short video explaining the project and what the students have decided to do. If you can get past the idea that it is, in fact, dog poop, you’ll be asking yourself why somebody hasn’t already come up with this creative and efficient project.