A story about my classmate

August 27, 2019

            I recently interviewed an interesting classmate of mine named Alex Thompson for a class project in Fundamentals of Journalism. Alex Thompson is a twenty-one-year-old Junior at Morningside College. He is currently a Psychology major, and told me “I really enjoy the Psych classes here”. Aside from academics he is a wrestler competing at 174lbs and aspires to be a multiple time All-American for the Mustangs. When he can, he also works the wine and spirits counter at Hy-Vee to make some extra cash. Most of Alex’s time is taken up by schooling, training in the wrestling room, and work, but is not confined to these things alone. 

For fun Alex enjoys longboarding, fishing, jumping off of tall things into water, and all around likes to be outdoors. He also likes to go Frisbee golfing, and listening to music. Naturally, after this response I had to ask him what his favorite Genre of music is. I was surprised when he said “I don’t really have a favorite genre”, he went on to explain that it depends on what kind of mood he is in, but country is always a good option. It makes sense that Alex would like country music because when I asked him where he is from and he replied with “Well I was born in Norfolk Nebraska, but I grew up in the town of Hoskins”. Hoskins is a small “drive through” town in Nebraska where everybody knows everybody. Needless to say, Alex Thompson seems like a good ole Midwestern small town kid down to the core.       

It is enjoyable to read stories like this for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it is always nice to see a news article that has a positive message instead of hundreds of negative articles written in today’s world. Second, this is something that could change the course of history, as this superstar may become the first-ever female kicker in the National Football League. As the video attached to the article shows, Carli Lloyd kicks a fifty-five-yard field goal, which I could not do if you paid me to. Roomer has it that there have already been multiple offers for Carli to join a team, however, none of the teams have gone public with this newly found piece of information.

Not only was this a good article, but it was also easy and fun to read. The article was well written and had seamless transitions to each new topic. The positive message keeps the reader locked in as it flows together with no noticeable reiteration or contradictions. I recommend reading this piece if you want to add a little positivity to your day. Below is a link to the article:


I recently read a story on the Fox News website that followed a ninety-nine-year-old WWll veteran. They asked him in the interview what advice he had to give to the younger generations. His first answer was “stay off the drugs, that’s number one”. His next answer, however, really made me think. He went on to say “stay in school, and when you come out, come out with the idea of serving people”. The reason that I found this interesting is because my generation is known to be the most selfish generation, and I believe it to be true. The fact that kids can take a picture of themselves, and post it on social media in a matter of five minutes has made us completely self-absorbed. Most people don’t even realize it. We all need to take the fantastic advice that this hero has given us. If we all came out of college with a mind to serve others instead of ourselves, I believe the world can become a place where people are respectful, kind, and considerate of those around them.