Shock at the MegaCity Mall

December 5, 2019

Earlier today while people were enjoying a normal day at the mall, a large explosion occurred in the food court area leaving over 100 people injured, and two dead. No information has been found yet as to what caused the explosion but authorities are working to uncover the mystery.

There were multiple eyewitnesses but none of which seem to be sure what happened. “I was just enjoying my coffee on a stick when it all happened. It went down so fast that I wasn’t sure what was happening at first.” One student from Morningside College explained to reporters. “You don’t ever think about these things until you’re a part of it.”

Another witness had a bit of a different take on the situation. “It was very sudden and alarming. Everything seemed to be normal until it wasn’t. When I realized what had happened I rushed over to see if everyone was alright.” “I have never seen anything that gruesome before. I am just glad I was there to help.”

Captain Fuglsang of the MegaCity Police Dept. will be holding a press conference at 2:00 PM outside the mall with an update on the investigation.

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