Science Scavenger Hunt

November 5, 2019

Computers may be faster than you, but they’ll never be as intelligent.

Recent attempts to build a supercomputer brain, show evidence that they’ll never compare to the real thing. Why? Experts say it’s because brains simply don’t work like computers. 

Researchers explain that a conscious person is aware of what they are thinking and have the ability to stop thinking of that thing whenever they decide. A computer does not have this ability. 

Some researchers firmly believe that simulating neuroscience with computers is the answer. However, there are many that believe it is impossible because consciousness is simply not computable. 

The researcher’s efforts are now being shifted to try to fully understand how our brain works. If this is accomplished scientists believe they will then be able to recreate the human brain as an artificially intelligent brain. 

There have been projects in the past, but no one has been able to come up with a conclusion to the problem. 

Beginning back in 2013 a multi-billion-dollar European research project is understood to have ultimately failed. 

However, recently Microsoft announced that they will be putting one billion dollars towards research to come up with a solution to better understand what is really going on in our heads.    

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