New Crown?

For this week’s news comment I read an article from USA Today that talked about the Netflix original ” The Crown” and the new season. This article was definitely geared more towards gossip and talked about how fans reacted to the new season on Netflix, and the new person that was crowned queen and the controversy behind it.

The article was informational, but at the same time kind of read like gossip. I think the reporter could have done a better job of being objective because I think it was just a regular article and not a feature, I think it was unclear what the point of the story was.

I think the reporter could have done a better job talking about why the audience is reacting the way they are, there was a lot of context missing that I had to go look up on outside sources, so it wasn’t the best article I read but it did captivate me.

One thought on “New Crown?

  1. If I found the right story, it is a review (three out of four stars), so it is
    supposed to be a bit opinionated/gossippy. It’s also USA Today.

    Opinion pieces have a different style and function than news.

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