Queen Changing Fashion

This week the New York Times covered an article over Queen Elizabeth and how she is going furless. For the longest time the royal family has been in the spotlight for their fashion and have been known to sport fur coats.

This is about to change, the Queen has decided to go furless recently and some of her most recognizable fur coats have been altered with fake fur now. This may not seem very important, but since the royal family has a tradition for sporting fur and being in the public eye this is a fashion statement for the 93 year old Queen that sparked the publics interest.

I thought the Times did an excellent job in covering the topic, they did not seem in favor or against the issue, instead they just informed their readers that it was going on and why it is significant. I enjoyed learning this and making this kind of content news worthy could also cause a chain reaction to make others also go furless. I thought it was a great and relevant article for the Times to cover.