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Blink of an Eye

A Morningside Senior, Engels Perez, is getting his first big break as a playwright thanks to Morningside College and Shot in the Dark Theatre.

Perez’s production of “Blink of and Eye” is set to perform in front of an audience for the first time next week November 15th through the 17th.

When asked about what this experience means to him, Perez had this to say,

“    “

This is one of the first student produced plays Morningside has done, and includes several other Morningside students acting and working backstage.

Following that in entertainment this week,

Rapper, Kanye West, recently released a new album titled “Jesus is King” that is currently charting at number 1 on the music charts.

 The album takes a different avenue compared to the rapper’s previous album “Ye” that was released just last year. With the music West also released a documentary video showing his famous Sunday services.

West’s new outlook on faith is connecting with young people and Morningside student, [name], had this to say about the new music,

 “    “

Speaking of college students,

An Alaskan University is now accepting peanut butter and jellys as a valid way to pay for a parking ticket.

University officials say each person could use PB&J payments for two citations issued within the past 45 days and the food goes to students on campus that are in need.

This is a way to pay it forward that other colleges are now looking at being a part of.

As for the world of politics,

The House is in full swing of the impeachment process and investigating the Trump administration. With this we asked college students how much they knew about what was going on in Washington right now,

“quote from student”

Trump recently addressed the press this past Friday concerning the impeachment, and his fury was very clear stating,

“The Republicans are given no due process whatsoever..we’re not allowed to do anything … in this history of our country there has never been a disgrace like what is going on right now “

Later on Friday, the impeachment committee heard testimony from David Holmes, creating a strong case against the president and his relationship with Gordon Sondland, U.S ambassador to the European Union, and the Ukrainian President.

Stakes are high in Washington, and it is important for the youth to educate themselves with what is going on, with 2020 only a month away.

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