More Female Athletes Talk About a Taboo: Their Period

This was an article from the Wall Street Journal, and it talks about how famous well known women athletes have been talking about their mensural cycle more publicly in the recent years.

This article was not really informational based rather than informative. It didn’t read like a normal news story, it was rather subjective, and instead of talking about these women and perhaps why they are doing it, it praised the women which made it more subjective to read. I think it worked and achieved the goal that the writer intended, it just was a lot different than most articles I have read.

I think it shed light on important information regarding women’s rights, feminism, and how having that public figure status as athletes is a great way to normalize, and talk about sensitive issues such as a woman’s period.

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Blink of an Eye

A Morningside Senior, Engels Perez, is getting his first big break as a playwright thanks to Morningside College and Shot in the Dark Theatre.

Perez’s production of “Blink of and Eye” is set to perform in front of an audience for the first time next week November 15th through the 17th.

When asked about what this experience means to him, Perez had this to say,

“    “

This is one of the first student produced plays Morningside has done, and includes several other Morningside students acting and working backstage.

Following that in entertainment this week,

Rapper, Kanye West, recently released a new album titled “Jesus is King” that is currently charting at number 1 on the music charts.

 The album takes a different avenue compared to the rapper’s previous album “Ye” that was released just last year. With the music West also released a documentary video showing his famous Sunday services.

West’s new outlook on faith is connecting with young people and Morningside student, [name], had this to say about the new music,

 “    “

Speaking of college students,

An Alaskan University is now accepting peanut butter and jellys as a valid way to pay for a parking ticket.

University officials say each person could use PB&J payments for two citations issued within the past 45 days and the food goes to students on campus that are in need.

This is a way to pay it forward that other colleges are now looking at being a part of.

As for the world of politics,

The House is in full swing of the impeachment process and investigating the Trump administration. With this we asked college students how much they knew about what was going on in Washington right now,

“quote from student”

Trump recently addressed the press this past Friday concerning the impeachment, and his fury was very clear stating,

“The Republicans are given no due process whatsoever..we’re not allowed to do anything … in this history of our country there has never been a disgrace like what is going on right now “

Later on Friday, the impeachment committee heard testimony from David Holmes, creating a strong case against the president and his relationship with Gordon Sondland, U.S ambassador to the European Union, and the Ukrainian President.

Stakes are high in Washington, and it is important for the youth to educate themselves with what is going on, with 2020 only a month away.

New Crown?

For this week’s news comment I read an article from USA Today that talked about the Netflix original ” The Crown” and the new season. This article was definitely geared more towards gossip and talked about how fans reacted to the new season on Netflix, and the new person that was crowned queen and the controversy behind it.

The article was informational, but at the same time kind of read like gossip. I think the reporter could have done a better job of being objective because I think it was just a regular article and not a feature, I think it was unclear what the point of the story was.

I think the reporter could have done a better job talking about why the audience is reacting the way they are, there was a lot of context missing that I had to go look up on outside sources, so it wasn’t the best article I read but it did captivate me.

Queen Changing Fashion

This week the New York Times covered an article over Queen Elizabeth and how she is going furless. For the longest time the royal family has been in the spotlight for their fashion and have been known to sport fur coats.

This is about to change, the Queen has decided to go furless recently and some of her most recognizable fur coats have been altered with fake fur now. This may not seem very important, but since the royal family has a tradition for sporting fur and being in the public eye this is a fashion statement for the 93 year old Queen that sparked the publics interest.

I thought the Times did an excellent job in covering the topic, they did not seem in favor or against the issue, instead they just informed their readers that it was going on and why it is significant. I enjoyed learning this and making this kind of content news worthy could also cause a chain reaction to make others also go furless. I thought it was a great and relevant article for the Times to cover.

The Mystery of Crop Revised

Sophomore year of high school was a turning point for Ellie Cropley when she found her greatest passion in life; getting dirty on the softball field.

Now in her second year of college, Cropley is the Mustang’s starting right fielder and continues to make a name for herself on and off the field.

When she hangs up her cleats at the end of the day, Cropley focuses on her studies as an Ag Education major, and in her leisure time enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

Cropley, enjoys fishing at her lake house in South Dakota, taking her family’s boat for a spin, and supporting her older brother’s athletic career.

The most important thing you need to know about Ellie Cropley is she is a stand out student and athlete that plans to do great things during her time as a Mustang.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Open Up…

Recently the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in the public eye a little more than usual. The royal couple just released a documentary this last Sunday showing a different side to the royal lifestyle.

CNN recently covered a story on them both from a broadcasting standpoint, and released an article about them. In this post I am going to be talking about the differences I saw between the video and its script and the article.

One thing that I noticed was the article was much more wordy and had several quotes from outside sources and Harry and Meghan themselves, where as the video just briefly talked about them. You could definitely tell the style of writing were very different.

The video was more to the point, and discussed how the couple is going after the Tabloids for false accusations against Meghan, and how the media has been effecting their lives. Where as the article went into more depth about the documentary that was just released and the content, and what that means for the royal couple.

The article gave more insight, where as the video was almost just a brief description of what is going on since the documentary starring the couple came out on Sunday.

Overall, I think that the stories covered the same basic content, but I think the leads were different. I think the main objective of the video was talking about how the media is effecting the couple, and how they are handling it. Whereas the article did talk about that but it also focused more on the documentary, and had direct quotes from the couple making it almost more personable.

The B Role in the video was useful also. In the video it definitely set a different tone than when I was just reading the article. It was just interesting really comparing the two different media platforms covering the same story for the first time. I noticed a lot more differences than I was initially expecting.

Broadcast Writing

If you are an avid flyer you may want to rethink getting on a plane to get to your next destination.

A recent study shows that Americans that travel six or more times in a year are responsible for two thirds of aviation emissions that are polluting the earth. If you are one of these frequent fliers, on average, you’ll emit more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide per year when choosing to fly.

Some things that you can do to minimize your aviation footprints, are to choose routes that fly newer aircrafts. Being more aware of how fuel efficient your aircraft is can help immensely.

So next time you’re planning a vacation or business trip ask yourself if it is entirely necessary to take to the air.

Morningside senior, Engels Perez, gets his big break as a Playwright on Morningside’s Campus

Senior Theatre and Communications major, Engels Perez, is getting his first break as a playwright thanks to Morningside College and Shot in The Dark Theatre Productions.  Perez is producing his play “Blink of an Eye” on campus for the first time November 14th through November 17th.

One thing that makes this experience special compared to other plays the Theatre Department usually puts on is that the director and actors get to work hand and hand with the playwright, and will be the first to perform the script in front of an audience.

Perez started writing this play about 3 years ago and it has been through countess work shops since then. When asked about the process Perez said, “It has been a long time coming, I started writing this play at the end of my freshman year at Morningside, so to see it all come together in my last year here is very special.”

Although, Perez finalized the script, the director, Taylor Clemens, is stil working directly with Perez as rehearsals start with changes necessary to the script and layout of the plot to make things more efficient and run smoothly. “The show brings in a lot of elements that you just don’t see in small theatre productions, hell you might not even see them in well established productions. Engels is taking risks and as the President of Shot in the Dark and head of the Theatre Department I am happy to take that risk with him.” Clemens stated.

Many individuals have been apart of the writing and preparing process apart from Perez and Clemens. Senior Theatre major, Madison Schueth, is on the Production Team for the play, and was one of the first people to do a read through of the rough draft. Schueth is also cast as one of the leads of the production now. When asked about the changes she has seen from day one to preparing it for an actual performance Schueth said, “The beginning was rough, there were scenes that we needed to cut, and then other places where things needed to be added, so it has been interesting seeing it come together with each read through we have done…Being apart of this has been different than anything else I have done with the Morningside Theatre Department so I am excited to see the reaction the audience has and see how successful we can make it.”

The play is a dark drama/comedy, and has vulgar language and some amounts of substance abuse, and physical violence. This should be considered when walking through the doors to watch the show.

Ellen Takes a Hit for Being Nice

This week one of the highlights in the news is that Ellen Degeneres and George Bush were seen hanging out in a luxury box seat at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

The reason people are freaking out about this is because Degeneres is part of the LGBTQ+ community, and Bush has been actively known to speak out against the gay community.

Degeneres, spoke out on her show after the incident speaking with grace and humor to shed light that people need to be nice to everyone, and that she does not just preach that to her audience she genuinely tries to live by that.

I read an article on Vox that shed light on the situation and covered what people needed to now about situation. I thought they did a good job on informing the readers about what happened, and why so many Ellen fans are upset with her due to Bush’s background. The article then talks about the different definition of “niceness” in the Trump era of media and the news and how that has to do with how people reacted to the encounter between the two. I enjoyed reading the article, and thought it was structured very well.