In-Class Anecdote

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When describing Elliott Conover only one word comes to mind, competitive.This college baseball player and all-around nice guy might surprise some people on how competitive he is. Off the field, Elliott has lots of friends and is liked by many of his teachers, but when he gets on the mound he turns into a different […]

In Class Interview

November 16, 2017 | Comments Off on In Class Interview

Mason Knaub is a mass communication major and business minor from Omaha Nebraska. Knaub found his way to Morningside in pursuit of his love for music. He is currently on the Morningside drum line. Knaub has many hobbies such as lifting, playing music, production, and MMA. He listens to all kinds of music, except for […]

Talk to a not-so-complete stranger

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Walking from class to class, day after day, you begin to create a pattern. This pattern consists of the same buildings and the same passing people. After seeing this guy walking past me day after day, I decided to spark up a conversation with the man. The gentlemen’s man was Devin. Devin is an agriculture […]

Comm 208 Story #3

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This is Dylan Mersola reporting for with This weeks M News. A Tragic shooting this week, killing 26 people after a man walks into a church and open fires. This brings up the question, should the U.S. ban guns? Gun enthusiast Joe Genoways says this. “Joe” Former All-Star pitcher Roy Halladay crashed his plane off […]

Comm 208 Story #3 Audio

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News Comment

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This news story is newsworthy and caught my attention, however there are a few things I would change. The title of the news article used trigger words to get my interest. It was short and to the point. On this article one issue I found was that I could not find the reporters name anywhere […]

#3 Draft

November 9, 2017 | Comments Off on #3 Draft

This is Dylan Mersola with M News. The 2017 World Series, was a world wind of emotions for Los Angels Dodger fans and Houston Astros fans. The Astros come out on top after a close game 7. LA Dodger fan Mitch Kellogg says. “Mitch”   Former All-star pitcher Roy Halladay crashed his plain off the […]

Emma Watson Speech

November 7, 2017 | Comments Off on Emma Watson Speech

Emma Watson is a British actress and activist, doing women’s rights work. Watson speaks at the UK-based charity One Young World’s annual event in Canada where young leaders are all brought together to create positive change. Watson made a speech on her HeForShe campaign, which was launched two years prior in 2014. You could tell […]

News Comment

November 3, 2017 | Comments Off on News Comment

This story is newsworthy and I loved how this article was connected to the actual news video of NBC News Erika Edwards. A video always makes it more enticing. I also like the article they linked into it article to the actual US Consumer Product Safety Commission recall page. Click here for the KTIV Article