Talk to a not-so-complete stranger

November 16, 2017 | | Comments Off on Talk to a not-so-complete stranger

Walking from class to class, day after day, you begin to create a pattern. This pattern consists of the same buildings and the same passing people. After seeing this guy walking past me day after day, I decided to spark up a conversation with the man.
The gentlemen’s man was Devin. Devin is an agriculture major from Minnesota. When first saying hi to Devin and introducing myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Devin was a great example of Minnesota kindness I’ve heard so much about. He was not at all shy talking to me and wanted to know my background and how I ended up at Morningside.

Devin came to Morningside to play football and he decided that it was not quite for him but he liked the school so he decided to just stay in Sioux City to finish out his schooling. He does not think he is going to stay here once he graduates. Devin wants to move back home to where his family is and start working for his family farm.

 I asked Devin if he had ever noticed me walking pass him just about every day, and he said yes. It is funny how often we see people on the street and never stop to say hello. I asked if Devin felt invisible and he immediately gave me a weird look so I just changed the subject. There are so many interesting people we walk pass every day, but if you stop and think about it, you could be walking past your future best friend or spouse.


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